The destructive effect of ketamine, the new star of the festive evenings: “This anesthetic for horses can cause psychological disorders”

The destructive effect of ketamine, the new star of the festive evenings: “This anesthetic for horses can cause psychological disorders”

Whether it’s during searches or during anti-drug checks at festivals, police are seizing ever-greater amounts of ketamine. So, at the Dur festival, more than 300 grams were seized over the last two issues.

Known as “Special K” or “Ket”, this drug is actually a horse anesthetic whose use is being rejected. The effects and their intensity vary with each individual, the context in which they are consumed, the quality of the product, and the manner in which it is consumed. “This drug creates a feeling of being abandoned, floating, or even euphoric.” explains John, who is also a regular user. “However, it should not be abused, risking what is called a k-hole, a kind of bad trip that can be defined by loss of identity and contact with reality and often frightening visions. This drug can also lead to psychological disorders.”

The new drug of nightlife, ketamine floats into a parallel reality

Street-Sold Ketamine Comes From Stolen Pharmacy Stocks

“Ketamine is made from the drug Ketalar, which is available in liquid form for injection.”, can be read on the Infordrogues website. “Street-sold ketamine most often comes from stock stolen from pharmacies. Typically, the consumer or seller grinds ketalar in a pan or oven to turn it into a powder, ketamine, so it can be snorted. In powder, its retail price ranges from 40 to 60 euros per gram. As a rough guideline, the user takes 10-20 doses per gram, depending on how well they develop tolerance for that product.”

Ketamine is an illegal product classified as a narcotic except for medical and veterinary use. “Since the late 1970s, ketamine has ceased to be used for medical purposes. He appeared in the first gay nightclubs in New York and on college campuses. It seems that its use was rather marginal and experimental until the advent of new synthetic drugs, such as the first XTC pills in the early 90s.

For about 20 years, ketamine has been much more commonly abused in Europe. Especially in the context of free parties (unsanctioned and secret parties) and summer festivals, ketamine is present. Recently, ketamine has been used in dance halls, sex clubs, and electronic music festivals.

However, this drug can cause a number of side effects. “Due to the analgesic effect, the consumer does not feel anything if he gets hurt or burned. However, the risk of an accident increases because ketamine causes motor difficulties during normal movement. This can lead to incoordination and muscle rigidity, an inability to speak or speak incoherently, amnesia, high blood pressure, and a slow heart rate.warns Infordrogues.

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