the family will file a complaint against the prosecutor, who provokes the attempted theft by the young man

the family will file a complaint against the prosecutor, who provokes the attempted theft by the young man

The prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille indicated in a statement on Thursday that Mohamed Bendris, who died after being shot in the LBD, attempted to commit theft. For the lawyer of the victim’s family, the aim is “to try to throw a form of awkward suspicion on the person of Mohamed Bendriss”.


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A night of riots in Marseille, June 29, 2023 (PENNANT FRANCK / MAXPPP)

The family of Mohamed Bendris will file a lawsuit against the public prosecutor of Marseille, Arié Alimi, the family’s lawyer, said on Thursday, August 10th to franceinfo. In a press release issued on the afternoon of Thursday, August 10, the prosecutor stated that Mohamed Bendris, killed in the LBD fire, attempted to commit a robbery in the context of “widespread looting of downtown stores”which the family denies.

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According to Arié Alimi, the public prosecutor of Marseille recalled in her press release the circumstances of the victim’s death “but in a slightly sickening way and slightly screwed up in terms of police violence”. For the lawyer, the goal was to “attempt to cast a form of clumsy suspicion on the person of Mohamed Bendriss”pretending “that he might have tried to rob a thief”. Arié Alimi regrets that the prosecutor’s conclusions were not different: “She could have drawn the opposite conclusions, that is, he [Mohamed Bendriss] may have attempted a civil act preventing theft”.

“The interpretation given by the prosecutor is deplorable”condemns Arié Alimi before adding: “It consists of the desire to protect the police and to denigrate the victim who died because of these policemen”. It is precisely for these reasons that the lawyer announces “that a report will be filed against her [la procureure]. She will be brought to court.”.

Retraining in voluntary manslaughter requested by the victim’s spouse

For her part, the wife of Mohamed Bendriss requests, in a press release consulted by franceinfo on Thursday 10 August, that the facts “immediately reclassified as murder with intent”. She “regrets the strategy of the public prosecutor in Marseille, which consists in clumsily criminalizing the victim” and adds: “The attempt to pass off this civil offense as a criminal offense is a serious defamation that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the state prosecutor’s office”.

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