La Gacilly: Opera Carmen sung and performed on Saturday 12 August and Sunday 13 August at the Equestrian Theater

La Gacilly: Opera Carmen sung and performed on Saturday 12 August and Sunday 13 August at the Equestrian Theater

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The band put together Melody Gassola (on horseback), in full rehearsal at the Equestrian Theater in Brittany.
The band put together Melody Gassola (on horseback), in full rehearsal at the Equestrian Theater in Brittany. (© Information for Country Redon / Gwenell Merritt)

It’s one of many Highlights For the summer season at the Equestrian Theater in Brittany. Two unmissable opportunities are given to rocking to the tunes, duets, choirs and dances of celebrities Opera “Carmen” By Georges Bizet, to the text adapted from the short story by Prosper Mérimée. Will be Saturday 12th August at 8:15 p.m. and Sunday 13 August 2023 at 4 p.m

Universal view

“I chose Carmen because everyone knows this opera and because it goes well with horses,” she smiled Jasola tune, mezzo-alto opera singer, based in Plessée. The person who will explain Carmen has the distinction of being both An accomplished musician and one knight She is as professional as she is also an educator and behaviorist. In this show that she has Created and already presented at the Equestrian Theater in Brittany in 2019 With 15 musicians from the Lutetia Orchestra, she combines her two passions. “We allow the equestrian audience to discover opera and the singing audience to discover horses.” It is also an opportunity to the general public To be able to appreciate a show in real life International artistsl, usually reserved for big city scenes at prices often reserved for the elite. “We hope the audience will be there!”

horse and music

” we will Ten singersincluding an Italian, a Kyrgyz and a Belgian,” admits Melody Gasola, all formerly like her at the Royal Conservatory in Mons, in Belgium. He will sing without a microphoneaccompanied by Live by the pianist which will be part of the staging. Furthermore it, five horses Many riders, male and female, will participate in the parade.

Instead of 3 hours, we have Adaptation Carmen holds at 1h30. There will be as much music as horses. “All breaks will be chivalry,” says the one who will sing in particular in the saddle.

“free woman”

Carmen is the story of A free woman. Some see her as a courtesan, others as a prostitute independent woman. The story is about EmotionQuestioning Tragedy. It maintains strength resonate with the news. Translation of Carmen with horses brings a Same freedomTravel wanders. In the show, Carmen manages to tame a wild horse with a fiery spirit. Like it is said in Ireland, where every Bohemian must take possession of a wild horse, which will bind their souls. If the gypsy dies prematurely, the horse is looking for a rider who is able to embody the spirit of the deceased. »

Go beyond the technical to express yourself

” There is a lot of common points between sound and horse. You have to work on yourself, be available, very present, in exchange, breathe, and vibrate. feel the slightest disturbance. “When everything is in harmony” we navigate the flow, a state of concentration and meditation where we live present moment in a very intense way And where we rise. we It goes beyond the technical And we can fully express ourselves, Get out what’s in your stomach, and puts his mark on a repertoire already performed by talented people. »This state, artists reach it most when they create Feelings ring with their audience.

“I almost gave up singing after spending a year, in 2022, performing in European singing competitions. It was necessary to give everything for 3 minutes in front of the jury, accompanied by the pianist I discovered each time. But fortunately, I got into shape.” fullness “Have a concert in a chapel in front of 50 people. It was great,exchange with the public Incredibly rich, she managed to realize that Emotion that I can convey. »

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Mélodie Gaculla plays Carmen.
Mélodie Gaculla plays Carmen. (© Information for Country Redon / Gwenell Merritt)

New Caledonia pontoons

Nothing Melody Gasola has set out to embrace this Dual career as an opera singer and horse breeder. “I grew up on a sailboat and catamarans in New Caledonia. Back in France, I entered Sainte-Anne-d’Auray College.” That’s where I am I discovered my voice She worked in the choir. Bitten, entered the Academy of Sacred Arts, attached to the secondary school of Sainte-Anne-d’Auray.

Stamina for riding horses

“I started inCabinet industry. Then I stopped everything. I am Leave the school system To enter the world of horses. For a year, I devoted myself to itEquestrian stamina And I got ready for the World Championships at Euston Park, from Ploërdut, ON Malaysia’s King’s Horse. It was a great experience. »

Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium

But I missed intellectual work and music. I subscribed to Baccalaureate as a free candidate In parallel, in the Pontifian Conservatoire. So she completed her music studies at Royal Institute of Mons, in Belgium. “It is a wonderful school on a human level. This is where I met all the people who would come to sing Carmen at the Théâtre équestre de Bretagne. These are great voices, of a high order.”

After leaving the Conservatory in 2021, Melody Gassola performed operetta roles at the Brussels Opera Theatre. “By interpreting an idiot who doesn’t look like me at all, I’ve discovered that I can make people laugh by entering the scene. It’s an incredible feeling! It’s galvanizing, it’s fun! »

Animal mediation in Plisse

A few months ago, Melody Gasola worked as a horse breeder in Plessée. I createdAssociation “Around the World”specializing in animal mediation With the elderly, children and specialized institutes, which especially follow children with autistic disorders. “I found Balance between music and horses. See and hear on August 12th and 13th, 2023!

Opera Carmen at the Equestrian Theater of Brittany, chemin de la Villebeau in La Chapelle-Gaceline, commune of La Gacilly, Saturday August 12th at 8:15 pm and Sunday August 13th at 4 pm.

The price is 25 euros for adults, 15 euros for children under 12 and 65 euros for a family (2 adults and 2 children under 12).

Reservations: 06 09 25 42 50.

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