LifeStyle – Work continues on the Morocco pavilion at Disney World in the United States

LifeStyle – Work continues on the Morocco pavilion at Disney World in the United States

Renewal. EPCOT, one of four Disney parks, unveiled the standing menu board for Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, at the Morocco Pavilion at World Showcase in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The jib lift boxes that were used for aerial work platforms are still present, although both are covered in green canvas and surrounded by small potted plants.

With the moving of the mobile planters and the lifting platform, the renovation of the Morocco pavilion is almost or completely completed.

This green canvas box is also still on one of the planters outside the restaurant, presumably while the damage caused by customers is still being repaired. The box has been on this part of the planter since the end of May.

+ Nejjarine Fountain +

The facade of Café Tangierine is no longer hidden from the view of the guests, because the rolling planters have been removed, the signboard of the restaurant is also visible again.

Towards the back of the pavilion near the Nejjarine fountain replica, rolling planters are still present. However, there are no real signs of construction here yet.

The original Nejjarine Fountain is located in Fez, a city in Morocco, as part of the Funduq al-Najjarin, a traditional rest house built in the 18th century as part of the ancient city of Medina. Since its construction used continuously, it has been designated as a landmark in Morocco.

The Funduq al-Najjarin has since been transformed into the Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts, which welcomes visitors to Fez and showcases the history of traditional carpentry in Morocco.

+ Disney has taken over ownership of the Morocco Pavilion +

In 2020, Disney took over ownership of the Morocco Pavilion after a legal dispute with the pavilion’s operators, who ran the dining and commerce business, including the Marrakech restaurant.

As of April 2020 Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant, LLC. applied for a $1-2 million PPP loan to maintain 260 jobs with funds raised. In September of that year, Walt Disney World filed a UCC Funding Declaration, or a type of lien with the state, providing security against “All property, inventory, furnishings, and all other personal property owned by the debtor that is or could be in the facilities and all proceeds from the foregoing With Walt Disney World poised to take over the pavilion in the event of default or bankruptcy, things seemed to be falling apart internally.

Finally, the company completely took over the operation of the pavilion, which had been one of the few independently operated World Showcase pavilions up to that point. The Moroccan Embassy and the Moroccan Tourist Office continue their involvement with the pavilion as cultural advisors.

The Marrakech restaurant has since closed, likely due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Disney takeover. We last saw the interior of the restaurant when it was used as a seating area in the summer of 2021. Disney applied for a building permit for the restaurant in January 2022.

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