regions most affected by the epidemic recovery

regions most affected by the epidemic recovery

Covid-19 cases are rising again due to the Eris variant and summer fees (Illustration Photo/Getty Images).

Covid-19 cases are rising again due to the Eris variant and summer fees (Illustration Photo/Getty Images).

Missing from the news for months, Covid-19 is making a comeback thanks to the summer and big gatherings like the Bayonne celebration at the end of July. Under the influence of the Eris variant, a subvariant of Omicron and more contagious, the number of cases seems to be on the rise again.

Because since July 1, epidemiological surveillance has evolved downward: now only the results of PCR tests are reported to the authorities, in contrast to the antigenic tests performed by pharmacies.

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Despite this, monitoring continues and provides an insight into the evolution of the circulation of the virus in the area, either through visits to the emergency room for suspected Covid-19 or through the intervention of SOS Médecins, who can order a PCR test, depending on the symptoms.

An increase whose percentages may be impressive, but which have yet to be put into perspective. Thus a 210% increase in the Center-Val-de-Loire corresponds to 21 additional emergency room visits, a 71% increase in Normandy to 15 visits, or a 55% increase in Neue-Aquitaine corresponds to 62 additional visits.

The Eris variant accounts for approximately 35% of cases.

An increase in midsummer that is nonetheless prompting some doctors to call for a return to wearing masks, fearing that the next drop in temperatures will have a greater impact on the hospital system.

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Eris, also referred to as EG.5, accounts for about 35% of the cases currently reported in France, according to the Gisaid platform, which is designed to monitor Covid variants, and the number is growing rapidly. If the WHO put Eris under surveillance, the symptoms are largely the same as those of Omicron: sore throat, cough, headache, nasal congestion, hoarse voice, sneezing, muscle pain…

If the Eris variant seems to be more contagious, experts are sure that it will not be heavier than Omicron, however, recalling that it can cause long-term Covid. Eris was first discovered in July 2023 in the US and UK.

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