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Laulne's photo.

2 – Lulin (photo) and 5- Classic flower, The first two groups of the third reference group dated July 30 in Deauville are priority selections in this second group. talented too, 6 – blues And 3 – poppy Then it can be accepted.

Choosing Nicolas Laboras

Regular odds
5 Classic flower
the outside
6 glaucoma
3 poppies

Prognosis summary:

2 – Lulin

blow to the heart
5- Classic flower

moment of madness
3 – poppy

ZEturf.fr forecastsZEturf.fr forecasts

A good first race of this weekend is in Deauville, the Prix de Calvados, with a lot of interesting things going for it Lolnwho still makes a good impression in the Prix Six Perfections, can still hope to do very well, despite the strong British presence, led by glaucoma who finished third at this level at Newmarket and should be able to play a leading role here, and Ornellaia Their success hit Goodwood in a certain style. classic flower He was a strong runner-up for the first time on July 30th and will have a good role to play, as poppies Which we loved at Vichy.

Choose ZEturf.fr

no. horse jockey
2 lolin Bushin A.
6 glaucoma Guyon m.
1 Ornella Stott K.
5 Classic flower DEMURO C.

The prediction is Genybet.fr

Lullin (2) He flies from progression to progression and certainly won the Prix Six Perfections on this course. runner-up Classic Flower (5) You must give him the answer. This is the logical sequence for Poppies (3)Watch out!

Choose Genybet.fr

no. horse jockey
2 lolin Bushin A.
5 Classic flower DEMURO C.
3 poppies Barzalona m.
6 glaucoma Guyon m.
1 Ornella Stott K.
7 light up life Veron F.
4 Tiffanyly Murzabayev b.
8 share Sumilon C.
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