Learn more about the EXOPRIMAL 1 update!
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Learn more about the EXOPRIMAL 1 update!

The ConsoleFun edition presents you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the worldEXOPRIMAL. Last Update 1An important step in the evolution of competitive games from Capcom, it introduces no less than 10 exoskeleton variants. ALPHA. This update expands on the game’s arsenal, providing you with new strategic options and combat experience.

Explore ALPHA options: These ten new exoskeleton variants offer alternate weapons and unique abilities for different playstyles. Discover the stats of each model, from the Deadeye Alpha and its burst-mode short-range shotgun to the Skywave Alpha, which summons lightning to paralyze its enemies.

Diversity and strategy: Each Exoskeleton ALPHA variant offers a host of tactical options that can change the way you approach combat. From the Zephyr Alpha with its powerful projectiles to the Barrage Alpha and rechargeable rocket launcher, these new options open up intriguing possibilities for gaming encounters.

New customization options: In addition to the ALPHA variants, Update 1 contains over 30 mods that allow you to further customize your exoskeletons. Find out how these modules can boost your productivity and help you better respond to challenges in every situation.

Exclusive details: Learn more about the capabilities and features of each ALPHA Variant exoskeleton with our exclusive replay. Immerse yourself in the world of EXOPRIMAL and explore the new possibilities offered by this update.

Replay access: A live replay of the 10 new EXOPRIMAL exoskeleton variants in Update 1 is now available below:

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