Amadeus: 40 since filming the famous movie Milos Forman

Amadeus: 40 since filming the famous movie Milos Forman

Foreman was released in 1984, and the hugely successful film was based on the play by Peter Shaffer, who also wrote the screenplay. Amadeus, the fictional biopic of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is filled with music by Mozart himself and many other composers you can hear on this show.

Milos Forman in Amadeus |  Image: Warner Bros.

The film was shot six years before the Velvet Revolution in Prague and Krumice. Miloš Forman, a native of the Slavs, and Miroslav Ondesic, director of photography, were able to shoot scenes at Prague’s Estates Theatre, where Don Giovanni and La Clemenza di Tito first performed two centuries ago. Other scenes were filmed at Barrandov Studios and the Invalidovna Building in the city.

A scene from a movie

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