Lexman Enki Indoor Camera Review: Our Full Review
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Lexman Enki Indoor Camera Review: Our Full Review

Leroy Merlin enriches its Enki home connected ecosystem with a Lexman surveillance camera. A pretty nice product that promises 360-degree surveillance with motion detection and tracking, all for less than 40 euros.

Lexman Enki Indoor Camera Review: Our Full Review

Basically, you know Lexman from the connected bulbs and lights. The home now offers a small connected surveillance camera at a low price. Launched at €39.99, it is ahead of the Xiaomi Mi 360° which costs €10 more. In addition to its understated design and technical qualities, the camera relies heavily on its integration into Leroy Merlin’s Enki ecosystem. Now let’s see how the 2 megapixels of this camera is used to detect intruders.

This test was carried out using the product provided by the manufacturer.

Design and function: nice design

Lexman offers us a rather nice looking camera with a curved design. Its spherical and rotating optical unit really makes us think of a robot.

By turning the lens to face the base, the camera switches to private mode. After that, it will not be able to record images and sounds. Turns 360° horizontally and 180° vertically are mechanized. Which will be able to use camera motion detection and tracking technology.

You’ll notice a microSD card port above the lens for storing images. The product is quite compact, it will not be difficult to find a place for it. But its 1.80m cable is a bit short and can simply be placed on a piece of furniture with a nearby outlet. But there’s nothing stopping you from buying a longer USB-C cable if you need to. We are facing a full-fledged entry-level camera that manages to stand out from the competition. Which is rare enough to be emphasized.

Installation and Setup: Matter Overcomes Difficulties

This Lexman camera integrates seamlessly into the Enki app. As a reminder, this is the Leroy Merlin Home Connected Ecosystem. This allows you to combine in one application a maximum of connected products from different brands and make them interact with each other with complete transparency for the user.

After installing the Enki app, you must select your country. Then you can finally add the related object. Just select the manufacturer and then your product.

So here we chose the Lexman, then the camera. During the installation process, you will only need to follow two steps: scan the QR code with the camera for a secure connection and enter the Wi-Fi code. Please note that if the camera is on a 5GHz network, the installation requires a 2.4GHz network.

Finally, all you have to do is set up the camera location and, if you haven’t already, create the rooms that make up your connected home.

The application’s home page displays four tabs. My house is a summary of your items and recent notifications. Section My objects brings together all the products that Enki can manage. My zones combine all the rooms in your house.

tab My scripts gives access to the system for creating automatisms. Operations that can combine multiple products of different brands if supported by the Enki app. The set is well done, with a simple conditional system to understand and implement.

last tab, Settings, allows you to refine some of the features associated with your account and therefore your family. For more fine-tuning of this camera, you need to go to the page dedicated to it.

When we go to our camera page, we use very refined and readable ergonomics. Below the image we have four icons, the first one combines quick camera actions such as activation Private mode, Baby care fashion (only audio active) Tracking and motion detection.

Please note that here Private mode ends the recording but keeps the camera active. The following icons allow you to activate the microphone, take a screenshot, or even start recording. The last icon gives access to manual control of the camera lens. The latter is relatively accurate, and above all the reaction to the command is almost immediate.

OUR Settings your camera is given access to, for example, a programming schedule. However, we recommend that you go through the section Tune, allowing you to adjust video quality or fine-tune motion detection. A must, especially if you have pets. You can also set up detection zones.

The Enki app offers thoughtful ergonomics that successfully do their job of transparently connecting different universes and brands.

In use: efficient and practical

In broad daylight, this camera offers an average image. We have good readability even in the children’s room.

For 1080p, we have an honorable level of detail, and we note that the least lit areas are subjected to a bit of aggressive anti-aliasing. The sensor does not cope well with backlight effects and very bright areas are completely burned out. The contrasts are right and the colorimetry is a bit soft.

We can start to guess a face from nine meters, almost recognize it from five meters, and completely from three meters.

Admittedly, the level of quality is not the most brilliant, but we are in a good average for cameras under 50 euros.

Face in broad daylight at a height of nine meters, five meters, three meters and one meter

Night vision is also average. We have good visibility overall, but many details have been erased.

Face ID in night vision mode can (difficultly) be done from only 3 meters. However, this is only really possible at a distance of 1 to 2 meters, the night vision of this camera really lacks accuracy.

Face in night vision at nine meters, five meters, three meters and one meter

The motion tracking function works very well, but the motorization is a bit slow. If the seen figure moves quickly, the camera will quickly lose sight of it.

Invasion Simulation:

So we subjected this little cell to intrusion attempts. Day and night, behind the French window, she did not notice us. Even when we hit the glass hard. On the other hand, as soon as we enter the room, she easily notices us. Motion detection is effective, but human silhouette detection still needs work.

This little camera doesn’t offer any cloud storage. Recording is made only on a memory card, which is not included in the package. So if the bandits steal it, you won’t have any other images than the ones you have saved on your phone.

Lexman Enki Motorized Indoor Camera Price and Availability

The Lexman Enki Power Indoor Camera can be purchased from the Leroy Merlin website for €39.99.

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