what the Spanish federation has discreetly changed to stem the crisis with the players

what the Spanish federation has discreetly changed to stem the crisis with the players

If Spain is in the World Cup final, it is also thanks to “Las 15”, that these fifteen Spanish players have resigned from La Roja to ask for changes. The Spanish media Relevo explains today that the Spanish federation has granted some of their requests, without communicating about it.

Small changes that mean a lot. At the heart of a year-long conflict, the Spanish national team has carried out several internal reforms, yielding to the demands of “Las 15”, the fifteen Spanish players who have resigned from La Roja to ask for changes. . The Spanish media Relevo unveils the behind-the-scenes of a reshuffled squad, which the RFEF has refrained from communicating about, making it possible to better understand the qualification for the final.

Changes in daily life

Spain’s qualification for the World Cup final is easier to understand. While La Roja is developing in a particularly complicated context, the Spanish federation has nevertheless made some internal changes, so that the players can experience the competition in a more relaxed way. Nevertheless, Luis Rubiales, the president of the federation, assured at the start of the conflict that the demands of the 15 players were ridiculous and that there was nothing to change, that everything was fine.

Except that Relevo explains on the eve of the final that there have been internal changes. The Spanish squad would travel today in much better conditions, and The Athletic specified that the team now have private flights and travel much less by bus. They would also benefit from easier access to their family, where Jorge Vilda and his staff placed many restrictions on visiting relatives. Also with far fewer days off.

“It’s thanks to them”

The “Family Reconciliation Plan” that ended after the protests of “Las 15” now allows Ivana Andrés and Irene Paredes to spend time with their children and companions during the competition. The families also often stayed in hotels near the base camps, with free access to the committee’s residence. Among the other changes: the constant presence of the president of the federation Luis Rubiales at the request of the players and the addition to the staff of a nutritionist and an additional physiotherapist.

The heavily criticized coach Jorge Vilda would have developed in certain tactical choices, although the management of the group and communication would remain very complicated. On his side, The Athletic ensures that the relationship between the staff and the players is almost non-existent. The players would have started the World Cup in a highly conflicted atmosphere, before coming together after the heavy 4-0 defeat against Japan on the third day.

Changes that also explain the returns of certain “rebels” at the time of the World Cup and which justify the requests of the 15 players. Jennifer Hermoso herself said it at the microphone of COPE this Saturday: “They fought a lot for this selection and if today we have the chance to take advantage of all that today and be in the World Cup final, it is because they let us.”

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