Cameroon: it’s fruit season, the offer is plentiful in all markets of the capital

Cameroon: it’s fruit season, the offer is plentiful in all markets of the capital

The city of Yaoundé seems to be the seat of fruits of all kinds. There is an abundance of fruit at various large markets. From simple cherries to watermelons, oranges and many more, Yaoundéans have the ability to help themselves to their heart’s content.

This is truly a time for fruit lovers. There is everything on the market. Oranges, pineapple and especially watermelon»testifies the seller of the Mfoundi market in the 1st arrondissement of the political capital, who adds that in the past period this fruit will no longer be available in the markets.

But you have to make the right choice among these fruits, which are not necessarily of good quality. Therefore, sellers recommend buyers to choose, for example, pineapples grown in the localities of Bafia, which are located about 150 kilometers from the capital Yaoundé.

Watermelon grown in the Adamaoua region is reputed to be sweeter than watermelon in other regions of Cameroon. If the Bafia pineapple is not recognizable to everyone, the Adamaoua watermelon is recognizable by its dark green stripes with beige.

Yaoundéans also offer themselves the opportunity to suck good oranges. They must come from Nigeria, but they are the most popular in the market. “My clients love them because they are very cute and above all cheaper. And I prefer them not only because they allow me to make a number but also because we store them for a long time because they don’t rot easily unlike those grown here in Cameroon.“he says he met a street vendor not far from Mfoundi market. Like him, other vendors believe that Cameroon oranges are sour and therefore unpleasant to eat.

By Jean-Paul Mbia (Yaounde, correspondence)

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