Textor reframed Blanc, putting pressure on him for the rest

Textor reframed Blanc, putting pressure on him for the rest

Laurent Blanc’s little polemical phrases did not please John Textor, who asked him to concentrate on “the work as a coach”. However, the US Olympic chief is making sure that these communication gaps and poor results do not call the coach’s future into question.

– I did not say that he was threatened. With RMC Sport and other media, John Textor took great care this Tuesday evening to emphasize that Laurent Blanc should not be considered in the hot seat. “I have always shown great patience with the coaches, even with those with whom I do not agree. (…) However, the situation needs to be improved and quickly”, nevertheless specified the club’s boss Olympic Lyonnais. But in addition to sporting results, the American businessman has expressed demands for the attitude of his coach.

“Now we have to work and play football”

In other words, the sharp little sentences of Laurent Blanc, having ironically especially about a possible coaching change, did not please him. “I asked him to stop playing this game with the media, to ‘tell jokes’ that cause controversy. It’s time for the coach to do his job as a coach. I know he takes his job seriously. I asked him to moderate his relationship . with the press and make sure his work speaks for him.”

John Textor also conveyed a message about Laurent Blanc’s public complaints about the transfer window and the conditions of pre-season preparations: “I never appreciate a lack of unity in management in a club. I don’t think he challenges me in his statements. I think he organizes the defense his by asking for more players. I understand he wants more players. I have a good relationship with him. (…) We want a better team on August 31 than we had on May 31. We have to stop to talk about the summer, and start playing football (…) The coach knows that I expect him to cultivate talents. Now we have to work and play football”.

And if the sporting situation does not follow? The answer is cautious and, according to him, does not specifically target Laurent Blanc: “In general, all coaches are threatened because they need results. It is not acceptable to end the season in the middle of the ranking. We always aim for the champions. League. And if we don’t get there , it will be a failure. All the coaches know that”.

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