WhatsApp launches new version for Mac
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WhatsApp launches new version for Mac

After launching a new version of the Windows desktop app, WhatsApp followed suit by releasing the same version for macOS users. “We have launched a new WhatsApp app for Windows computers. Today, we are also improving the user experience on Mac,” WhatsApp says in a blog post.

Indeed, this new version offers for the first time the ability to make or join group calls, in video mode for up to 8 people and in voice mode for up to 32 people, in addition to the ability to view call history and choose whether to do so. receive notifications of incoming calls. “Now you can make group calls from your Mac for the first time, bringing together up to 8 people in a video call and up to 32 people in a voice call,” the app explains.

In addition, this new version introduces a design adapted to Mac devices, as it will be possible to drag and drop files in a conversation and will allow you to restore the entire conversation history without any problems. “Now you can easily share files by dragging them into the chat and view the chat history in more detail,” adds the same source.

Namely, this new feature is being rolled out in the Mac App Store, but it is available on the site for download for all users.

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