Poor play by Algeria to break the alliance between Morocco and the UAE

Poor play by Algeria to break the alliance between Morocco and the UAE

In Algeria, today more than ever, since the BRICS+ slap in the face in which the East of Paradise counts as minus one, in the “weight assessment”, we no longer hesitate to talk about “persistent hatred” Algeria in relation to the United Arab Emirates. This hatred is “noticeable” among Algerian officials who are angry with the Emiratis who are “sanctified body and soul” with Morocco.

Sources say that Abu Dhabi is no longer satisfied with providing political support to Rabat on the issue of Sahara sovereignty and in its conflict with Algeria, but has crossed the Rubicon with a new step in military assistance to the kingdom. And go ahead and accuse you of caressing the media in the direction of “muradian” hair inserted, Abu Dhabi that “hostile to Algeria and to support Morocco in the event of a possible war between it and the Kingdom“. There we aim, without fear and without complaint, the military attaché of the Embassy of the Emirates in Algeria.

Indeed, the latter would say “that in the event of a war between Algeria and Morocco, Abu Dhabi would stand close to Rabat with all its abilities”. We won’t tell you! That’s how it is in Algeria, every time the threads of politics and diplomacy are cut, the level of popular anger against the Kingdom rises. It is about the fact that the weakness of the senile Algerian regime and its dependence on the calculations of a lost ideology and in the light of the new political map that is emerging in spite of itself, is raging at the highest level.

The seniles from the “Muppets show made in Algeria” try in vain to attribute their “economic and political failure” as sometimes illustrated recently by BRICS + to Morocco and its strategic alliances in the Middle East and “North Africa” ​​region. . This is not the first time. Now that the Algerian regime’s media is attacking the Moroccan-Emirati alliance and shouting to anyone who will listen that “the United Arab Emirates provided Morocco with a system to spy on Algeria”, the Kingdom responds to “Bof”, Abdelkader Bengrina, a former candidate for the presidency of Algeria and the leader of the Algerian National Construction Movement , he can fight like a rooster, the historic Rabat-Abou Dhabi alliance will remain unsatisfied.

dr. Mohammed Issam Laaroussi, professor of international relations and senior fellow for the TRENDS Research and Advisory Middle East Program, and director of the Perspectives Center for Geopolitical and Strategic Studies, told Hespress: “ The Moroccan-Emirati alliance is a historic alliance, as the two countries have strong historical relations at various levels“noting that”the Algerian regime through its media is trying to create this alliance in the service of a certain agenda, especially lately“. Regarding the motives behind Algeria’s attempt to “demonize” the strategic alliance between Rabat and Abu Dhabi, Laroussi said that “The Algerian side has always had fears of the convergence and intersection of Moroccan-Emirati interests and the positions of these two countries, within the framework of a series of regional and international issues.“.

Dr. Mohammed Issam Laaroussi added: “The Gulf Arab States, led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, always join Rabat in defending its territorial integrity, which angers the regime that exists in Algeria“. In the same context, the interlocutor of Hespress explained that “Algeria takes a very dim view of public recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara by the Gulf. The public diplomacy of the Gulf in favor of the Moroccan position is disturbing“.

Algeria’s request to join BRICS, which represented a major step back for the Algerian regime, which politically and economically relied on this membership. The Director of the Center for Geopolitical and Strategic Studies “Perspektive” pointed out that “Algeria’s diplomatic performance at the international, continental and regional levels has become so weak that its traditional allies no longer think about it”.

The analyst concludes that “by targeting the strategic alliances of which Morocco is a part, the Algerian regime is trying to assert its position in the fight against normalization to which a group of countries has committed itself in a way that can serve their national interests and that changes the map of international politics. at a time when Algeria still clings to sterile traditional rhetoric and less political orientations“.

For his part, Said Berknan, a political analyst, confirmed that “Algeria’s hostility towards the United Arab Emirates is based on the fact that the latter is the first Arab country to open a diplomatic mission on the territory of the Moroccan Sahara.”. As a result, ” Algeria began to feel that the political and economic circles it was betting on began to narrow little by little, especially after the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, two of Rabat’s allies, joined the BRICS organization“. Berknan further explained that ” The positions taken by the military regime through its controlled media are only a reaction to the isolation from which Algeria suffers, especially at the African level“.

The last Arab summit held on its territory showed that the Algerian regime has mastered the art of slogans more than the practice of politics and the management of international relations, “political events in the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel region imposed a certain vision of politics. The regional future is based on reconciliation, on overcoming differences and on the development of economic and social systems“.

The political analyst pointed out that “these events and transformations accelerated Saudi-Iranian reconciliation, Arab-Syrian rapprochement, and Arab-Israeli normalization. Also, this new political vision adopted by a group of countries, especially Morocco, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is a threat to the military legitimacy established by the regime in power in Algeria and which is fueling conflicts and differences between the country.“.

Berknan pointed out that “Algerian accusations against Abu Dhabi for introducing Israel into the region and promoting the normalization of countries, while undermining Moroccan-Emirati relations, reflect Algeria’s inability to keep up with the new geopolitical vision and new economic demands emerging in the region, with the recognition of its Russian ally“.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation confirmed that the selection of new BRICS members was based on the weight and prestige of the country, which was a direct message to Algeria. And Berknan said to conclude that “The Algerian military regime is trying, through repeated accusations against the Emirates, such as espionage, to push in the direction of war in the region. Sometimes it blows warm and cold supporting normalization. All this in order to strengthen its internal ranks and extend its political life and legitimacy, which it began to lose in the face of the low efficiency of its internal and external political activities. He is exposing his lies to the people of Algeria, especially after the BRICS slap from his closest international allies.

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