Information from the City Hall of Île Jourdain

Information from the City Hall of Île Jourdain

mosquito control

To combat the tiger mosquito, the mayor’s office of L’Isle-Jourdain has implemented several preventive methods in the city.

The municipality has installed a dozen tiger mosquito traps and mosquito larvae. These passive ovipositor traps mimic the ideal habitat for tiger and other mosquitoes. Females (responsible for biting) are attracted to standing water set at the bottom of the trap. They rush into it but cannot reach the water because it is protected by a net. Then they are trapped in the glue. These traps are safe for humans and pets, do not contain toxic products and do not emit harmful attractants.

These new devices complement the need-based biocidal treatments (insecticides) and the mosquito-repellent lamps distributed in the community by the technical services of the mayor’s office.

In addition, the municipality of L’Isle-Jourdain has raised public awareness by communicating good practices to be adopted through the Facebook page, the municipal newspaper and information panels distributed in the city.

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