Nairobi: Morocco participates in the African Climate Summit

Nairobi: Morocco participates in the African Climate Summit

African Climate Summit (ACS)

African Climate Summit (ACS)

The work of the African Climate Summit (ACS 2023) opened this Monday in Nairobi, under the theme “Strengthening green growth and climate finance solutions for Africa and the world”, with the presence of Morocco.

This summit, which will be held until Wednesday, brings together an audience of African heads of state and government, as well as world leaders, development partners, civil society representatives, researchers, academics and various actors, all committed together to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change. and promoting cooperation for a sustainable future.

In his inaugural speech, Kenyan President William Ruto emphasized the crucial importance of collective action and convergence of efforts to face the major challenges of the African continent. In particular, he called for investment in sustainable solutions offered by renewable energy sources, green industrialization, agriculture adapted to the climate and preservation of biodiversity.

The Kenyan president emphasized that “ billions of dollars worldwide are looking for green investment opportunities arguing that Africa holds the key to accelerating the decarbonisation of the global economy.

The Kenyan Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Soipan Tuya, for his part, highlighted the fact that this summit offers Africans an opportunity to build and present a bold new vision of the continent, as a country with enormous potential and many opportunities that can be exploited. harnessed to solving the climate crisis.

She called on participants to explore solutions that can harness the abundant human and natural resources Africa possesses to embrace a low-carbon economy, while forging new avenues in the areas of climate finance, trade, investment, innovation, resilience and green jobs.

The summit program includes several panels focusing on climate finance in Africa, transforming the continent’s food systems, accelerating climate-resilient investments and harnessing Africa’s renewable energy potential, among others.

Debates will also address topics such as carbon markets in the Global South, green hydrogen, investments in nature and biodiversity, the integration of African cities and the role of ocean management and the blue economy in Africa.

Through this three-day gathering, Africa aims to strengthen international mobilization around climate finance, highlight the continent’s enormous potential and attract new alliances in the field of green growth, especially in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

The event is expected to culminate in the Nairobi Declaration on Green Growth and Climate Finance, paving the way for a new global financial agreement that will include financial instruments and products tailored to specific growth goals.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity for policy makers and stakeholders to commit to investments, including the signing of a multi-billion dollar green investment agreement in Africa, covering all the topics discussed at the summit.

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