More than 95,000 non-Europeans under obligation to leave the EU

More than 95,000 non-Europeans under obligation to leave the EU

According to the latest data published by Eurostat, almost 95,000 citizens of non-EU countries were ordered to leave the territory of the European Union in 2022, which represents a significant increase compared to the previous year. Among the EU countries, France expelled the most foreigners, followed by Germany and Sweden. However, it is important to emphasize that these two countries are also the ones that receive the most asylum seekers every year.

France carried out 14,240 deportations of non-EU nationals in 2022, representing 14% of total EU deportations. This represents an increase of 15% compared to the previous year. Germany is in second place with 13,130 deportations, or 13% of the total, while Sweden is in third place with 10,490 forced to leave, or 10% of the EU total. These figures show that these countries, despite the policy of receiving asylum seekers, are also engaged in measures to combat illegal immigration.

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It is interesting that among the most expelled foreign citizens from the EU in 2022, two African countries are at the top of the list. Algerians are in first place with 33,535 deported, followed by Moroccans with 35,510 deportations and Pakistanis with 25,280 deportations. This highlights the challenges associated with migration from Africa to Europe and the need for European countries to manage this situation responsibly and fairly.

In addition to deportations, it is important to point out that some EU countries receive a significant number of asylum seekers every year. Germany and France occupy the first places in this ranking. In France, asylum applications increased by 31% in 2022 compared to the previous year, with more than 137,000 files submitted. Comparing deportation rates to the number of applications, Sweden stands out as having the highest number of deportations relative to the number of asylum seekers received.

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