VIDEO.  Have the overseas territories become rugby islands? [60′ Outre-mer”]

VIDEO. Have the overseas territories become rugby islands? [60′ Outre-mer”]

“United for a dream” is the slogan of France’s XV, more than ever determined to win this title sorely missing from the list: that of the world champion! A blue overseas dream! Never has the French XV counted so many Ultramarines in its ranks. In “60′ Outre-mer”, the guests of Valérie Filain and Eric Cintas reflect on the passion for rugby in Overseas France, as well as on its past and future stars.

There is a common point in the overseas territories: the passion for the oval ball. In overseas France, the density of rugby clubs per capita corresponds to the national average, and even higher in Wallis-and-Futuna, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and in New Caledonia.

The number of rights holders is constantly increasing, and the feminization rate of performers is higher than in France. French clubs and national teams do not hesitate to draw heavily on the pool of talent that makes up the overseas territories.

Fabien Galthié, coach of the French team, has selected 6 foreign players out of the 33 players who will face the best teams in the world from September 8 in France and will try with the XV in France to steal the title Africa has from the south. .

The French have to rely on four rugby players from the Pacific (Sipili Falatea, Peato Mauvaka, Romain Taofifenua And Yoram Moefana), a West Indian (Jonathan Danty) and a young Reunionese (Louis Bielle-Biarrey) to try to win their first World Championship.

Yoram Moefana (left) and Sipili Falatea (right)

Who are these players who come mainly from the Pacific? Is their presence in numbers in recent high level rugby? Has the Pacific always dominated the world of overseas rugby, and what next?

From left to right: Wenceslas Lauret, Julie Annery and Etuato Mulikihaamea

To answer these questions, in collaboration with the editors in Network of 1time, Valerie Filain And Eric Cintas welcome the following guests:

  • Julie Annery, French international rugby player
  • Wenceslas LauretFormer French international rugby player
  • Etuato Mulikihaameamember of the FFR steering committee and president of the Wallis-and-Futuna rugby league

Valérie Filain and Éric Cintas present 60′ Overseas

Presentation Valerie Filain and Eric Cintas
Realization Nicholas Clerno
Duration 60 minutes – © France TV June 2023

“60′ Overseas”: this information meeting welcomes experts and foreign players to decipher and analyze current topics.

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