Bord/Mirep: small conservatory resumes activities

Bord/Mirep: small conservatory resumes activities

It offers music development lessons for children in small groups (maximum 4 people). Audrey Faveau, qualified professor of musicology (Paris Sorbonne University – specialization in music education) and teacher of the National Education, suggests learning music by having fun, drawing and coloring sheet music, singing and dancing. This multi-faceted musical awakening also allows you to try out different instruments (drums, piano, trumpet, harp, guitar, etc.) by strumming, tapping, fingerpicking, blowing, etc.

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Petit Conservatoire is a music school sponsored by Tout Petit Conservatoire, a music school in Paris, a benchmark for musical awareness.

From 3 years of age course duration: 40 min. Course fee: 20 euros. Registration is possible throughout the year. Contacts: Audrey Favo, tel. 06 71 80 01 94. Email: Facebook: Little Conservatory – Favo Audrey.

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