Tick ​​bite: 5 steps to follow after a bite

Tick ​​bite: 5 steps to follow after a bite

Tick ​​bite: 5 steps to follow after a bite

Forests are favorite places for quiet walks. However, they are also a playground for ticks, those tiny mites that can be much more formidable than they appear. Lyme disease, transmitted by some of these small insects, affected almost 67,000 people in France in 2018. If you are the victim of a bite, here’s what to do.

1. Determine the location of the bite

After a nice walk through the woods, there’s nothing better than a little head-to-toe inspection. Ticks have a preferencewet areas of our bodyHow armpits or groin. If you notice a small red spot decorated with a black dot, it’s probably her. This black dot tick mouth which attaches securely to our skin.

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2. Remove the tick using tick remover.

Every minute matters! Tick ​​infected with Borrelia bacteria may transmit it more easily if it remains on the skin for a long time. Use tick remover (sold in pharmacies) to carefully remove it. Otherwise, you can use tweezers, but do not use ether! Euthanizing a tick may result in the release of its contents and the risk of infection.

3. Clean the wound.

Clean the bite area after the incident. A little water, soap and then antisepticand voila!

4. Don’t throw away the tick

Do not leave this checkbox after you remove it. THAT SeaTik Project allows you to report your bite and send the tick to the INRA center in Nancy.. This way, you can contribute to the research into diseases transmitted by these ticks.

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5. Monitor the wound

One box ticked is not the end of the story. Pay close attention to the site of the bite. Big red plate could mean the beginning Lyme disease. If in doubt, consult a healthcare professional.

When the sunny days arrive, keep these practical tips in mind. Prevention and vigilance are essential! So, are you ready for your next walk in the woods?

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