Back to school in Ivory Coast: notebooks, pencils, registration fees… financial burden for families

Back to school in Ivory Coast: notebooks, pencils, registration fees… financial burden for families

For parents of students, going back to school is often associated with significant costs, the bills are often large.

In addition to paying school fees, the list of school supplies also includes expenses that burden family budgets. Pencils, notebooks, bags, pencils, calculators… are necessary for a successful year of study.

We have been in the field for years, but we find that customers are quite reluctant. Until then, they only come to get information, and not to complain about the hard times they are going through.“, explains Cissé Aboubakar, a seller of school supplies in Yopougon d’Abidjan.

Before adding, “Unlike last year, this year customers are complaining a little too much despite our efforts to offer approved prices“.

A little further, in the municipality of Adjamé, everyone is looking for items according to their budget. According to sellers and buyers, the prices are relatively affordable for everyone. “II just bought two school bags for my children for 5000 CFA francs each», said Ouattara A., the student’s parent.

Back to school shouldn’t be a stressful time for families. “It is therefore important that the government, schools and businesses commit to making education more accessible by reducing the cost of basic school supplies“, many parents of students support.

This could be achieved through initiatives such as financial assistance programs for low-income families or tax breaks for companies that provide discounted school supplies.

It is crucial to raise awareness of this problem and seek solutions to ease the financial burden of raising children. The start of the school year should not be a source of financial stress, but a time of excitement for students and their families.

About seven million students returned to school on Monday, September 11, 2023, in Côte d’Ivoire with classes continuing on the theme: “Let’s be responsible citizens for a quality school”.

By Emmanuel Djidja (Abidjan, correspondence)

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