Download HRIS Nibelis for Web, iOS, Android
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Download HRIS Nibelis for Web, iOS, Android

Are you looking for a management utility that will help you plan and control the HR department in your company? Then SIRH Nibelis is the solution you need. Comprehensive and easy to use, it allows you to manage your staff, create your schedules, check your schedules and make the right decisions anytime, anywhere. Whether you are an employee or a team leader, you will control your activities in a smart and international way. The Secure Cloud Platform (SAAS) is accessible from any web browser and can be used on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets by simply downloading SIRH Nibelis and its mobile app through the iOS and Android stores.

Nibelis HRIS functionality

A true HR software, it combines scheduling, absence management, productivity, employee engagement, HR, finance and forecasting in one solution. Wherever you are, you will have control over your work, allowing you to plan and manage your work and your staff more effectively, saving time and money.

When it comes to scheduling, downloading HRIS Nibelis will allow you to easily and quickly create, edit and publish all your staffing schedules. No more spreadsheets and documents cluttering offices, now is the time to simplify. Through the mobile app, employees will be able to view their schedules and submit vacation requests in just a few clicks. Employers, for their part, will be able to plan the working hours of their employees in accordance with their operational needs.

As for accounting for absences, the principle is the same. Both employers and employees will be able to manage vacation, overtime and sick leave requests using the absence management feature built for Nibelis HRIS. Leave requests are made online, greatly simplifying the absence management process by allowing you to quickly view available and already occupied time slots.
An attendance sheet makes it easy to track the time employees work. This way, they can track and compare actual performance to planned performance, and add comments about their day. At the end of each day, the collected data is directly processed and ready for payroll.

By choosing to download SIRH Nibelis, you no longer have to communicate with staff via email: this is now done from within the application using a special function. Using an integrated communications platform, employers can now send messages and notifications directly to their employees, allowing them, in turn, to freely communicate with colleagues. At the same time, it offers the possibility of sharing important information within the entire company or institution, as well as staying up to date with the latest news.

As for HR, the application allows you to store all the data of all employees in one place. It allows you to receive notifications when employee details change and set alerts based on working hours to ensure perfect compliance with labor laws and control staff rotation.

Do you also want to benefit from such a management and time management solution for your company? So there’s only one thing left to do! Download HRIS Nibelis and its HR platform now. Available in a free 30-day trial and then offering a variety of subscription plans, you can be sure you’ll find a package that’s right for you.


While this is a comprehensive and attractive solution, keep in mind that there are several alternative programs on the market that offer similar services to Nibelis HRIS. These include Sage Comptabilité Artisans et Petites Entreprises. Profession-specific accounting and financial management solution. Regardless of your sector of activity, it simplifies your company’s accounting and financial management, allowing you to automate accounting processing, anticipate risks with budget forecasts and have insight into several exercises to optimize the management and monitoring of your activities.

You can also use The project management and teamwork platform allows you to simultaneously manage other sectors such as HR, CRM and marketing. The service also has several tools to facilitate teamwork, such as instant messaging with one or more people.

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