Morocco expresses its full solidarity with Libya

Morocco expresses its full solidarity with Libya

Kingdom Morocco expresses full solidarity with the state Libya sister follows a storm and that floods which has affected certain regions of this country causing more human lives and property, according to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad on Monday evening.

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The Kingdom of Morocco also expresses its deep condolences and sincere sympathy to the state of Libya, its fraternal people and the families of the victims of this difficult ordeal, as well as the wish for the speedy recovery of the injured, the same source adds.

In recent days, Libya has experienced devastating floods caused by storm daniel, leaving large human casualties and significant material damage in the affected regions. At least 30 people have been killed in severe weather that has hit eastern Libya, prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency, close schools and businesses and impose a lockdown.-fire in disaster areas.

Authorities also requested the evacuation of coastal areas and the closure of all businesses located near the Libyan coast, as well as low-lying areas near rivers. Houses submerged or destroyed by waves, civilians stuck on the roofs of their cars, mudslides and violent winds, images circulating on the Internet provide good information about the extensive damage that the Mediterranean storm caused to cities such as Shahat, El Beida I I’m dry. Libya’s Interior Ministry announced on Monday the deployment of 1,000 equipped security agents to the eastern region, where certain localities have been declared disaster-stricken.

Remember that a National mourning of three days was announced on Monday in Libya, in memory of the victims of the floods that occurred in the eastern part of the country, after the arrival of the storm “Daniel”.

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