“Solo” by Sophie Dupuy: A fiery and exciting film set in the world of drag queens

“Solo” by Sophie Dupuy: A fiery and exciting film set in the world of drag queens

After signing off on her first two remarkably influential feature films, director Sophie Dupuy achieved even greater success with her third film, singlean intense but devastating love story, carried by the breathtaking Théodore Pellerin in the guise of a drag queen.

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Simone (Theodore Pellerin) is a rising star in Montreal’s drag scene. Simon lives with Maud (the excellent Alice Morault), his beloved sister who designs all his dresses, and he truly thrives in the evenings when he performs on the stage of the bar that has become his second living room. There Simon meets Olivier (Felix Maritaud, Magnetic), a new recruit at the bar who catches his eye.

Between Simone and Olivier, love at first sight is immediate. But their relationship, initially passionate, soon became toxic due to Olivier’s narcissistic personality.

As Simon tries to patch things up with Olivier, the unexpected return of his mother (Anne-Marie Cadieux), a singer who had a career abroad some fifteen years ago, will destabilize him further.

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Having already directed him in his first two (highly successful) feature films, watchdog And UndergroundSophie Dupuy reunites with her favorite actor Théodore Pellerin, offering him one of the most beautiful roles of her young and thriving career. At the peak of his art, the 26-year-old actor manages to explore the different sides of Simone and his feminine alter ego with nuance and subtlety, while always avoiding falling into caricature.

Bellerin is as moving in emotionally charged moments as he is stunning in his exhilarating performances on stage. His drag performance, at the end of the film, is absolutely masterful.

Behind the camera, Sophie Dupuy displays the versatility of a filmmaker in full possession of her potential. His frenetic and dynamic presentation immerses us in the electric atmosphere of Montreal cabarets, a world that the director has carefully recreated by calling upon many well-known faces from the Quebec drag scene. Despite the sometimes predictable scenario, it is single It proves to be a moving and stunning tribute to the art of drag.

single It takes place on Friday across Quebec.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5. single, A film by Sophie Dubuis with Théodore Pellerin, Félix Maritaud and Alice Moreault.

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