Sports in the fight against breast cancer

Sports in the fight against breast cancer

Physical activity is beneficial for women with breast cancer. New illustration last week on the islet of Tyson in Poitiers.

Chris Ferreira

Gentle rugby, sweat boxing, gentle gymnastics, gentle wushu or even healthy tennis… Sport is health. The Fief de Grimoire Clinic and Sport santé 86 understood this well by organizing the 3rd event “Let’s move to the island of Tyson”. Richard Dupuis, public health coordinator at the clinic, says numerous studies have shown that physical activity helps prevent muscle wasting and general fatigue.

Therefore, qualified and competent observers were present to assess the physical needs of the individuals concerned. For example, several women tried, using the example of Camille Rousseau, a gentle method of muscle contraction and strengthening. “Two people stand face to face. One of their elbows was stuck to their body. The hand is positioned at an angle of 90°. One will push to the left, the other to the right. This will cause some resistance,” sums up the adapted physical education teacher. Thanks to athletic trainer Tom Fisheau, other women with breast cancer have learned about sweat boxing as a way to “let it go.”

Quite satisfied participants

An initiative that appealed to the twenty participants present. Claude, whose disease was diagnosed after a mammogram and then a biopsy, briefly joined Camille Rousseau. A small dedication that satisfied her. “I felt parts of my body that I had neglected since starting treatment. » A real sense of well-being. Some women practiced boxing with sweat. Ability to gesture with arms and legs and “kick” the pillow. “Boxing is nice, you can let go of anger in the face of illness. “I cleared my head,” says one.

Since starting radiation therapy, Nadège particularly wants to engage in quiet and flexible activities, her goal being to regain mobility. “I want to find out what I can do after finishing treatment. » In the meantime, this Vuie resident would especially like to get back into shape. “Chemotherapy takes all your energy,” she says.

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