Horse racing forecast for Thursday, September 14, 2023

Horse racing forecast for Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Quinté+ race is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, at Fontainebleau Racecourse on the Flat. Below are our predictions for this race as well as our bet for today and our crazy bets on two other races on today’s slate.

Volume forecast for September 14

Frederic Keita

16 Ekin (Favorite)

Frédéric Keita’s favorite is 16 Iken, second at this level recently and able to confirm.

11 faster (external)

His outside player is 11 quicker, in good form and in a good position on the rope.

Lionel Charbonnier

9 Nottingham

Lionel Charbonnier trusts 9 Nottingham, which is in good condition and performing well in this category.

Bet today

Meeting 1 (Fontainebleau) – Race 1:9 Coca de Thix

She has just started very well and seems to have the means. She can open her reward list.

Crazy bet

Meeting 1 (Fontainebleau) – Race 6: 1 Morpheuan

He has just shown clear progress and appears to be facing opposition on his ropes. We’ll try it.

Frederic Keita Journalist RMC Sport

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