iOS 17 is full of new ringtones
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iOS 17 is full of new ringtones

If you like to dig into Apple’s stock of official ringtones, the final version of iOS 17 should bring you plenty of new tunes.

New iOS 17 ringtones

24 new ringtones for iOS 17

If you’re tired (and we are too) of the famous Ouverture ringtone, the next major iOS update will change your mind (^^). The version candidate, available since yesterday, introduces 24 new ringtones, available in the Settings menu, then Sounds and Vibration, Ringtone tab. In the menu and in alphabetical order (with some oddly named titles like “Heist” or “Loot”) you will find:

• Shelter
• Arpeggio
• Dawn
• Kettle
• Canopy
• Broken
• Cottage
• Spoon
• Departure
• Unfolding
• Shards
• Tweets
• Story time
• Tilt
• Mercury
• No
• Robbery
• Seedlings
• Quadruple
• Radial
• Tease
• Valley
• Milky Way
• Journey

Don’t panic, for the nostalgicOld tunes remain available in the “Classic” tab. If listening to different new tunes is tiring your brain, you can always relax by listening to a little treat for the ears below.

Ringtone Apple Opening, but better

We remind you that the ringtone Ouverture (Opening on VO) is from Apple. was used ad nauseumexactly cause nosebleeds and lose teeth make it especially annoying so much so that it created an obsessive response as soon as you found yourself in a circle of friends, each of whom had one of Apple’s smartphones. Tony Ann posted a video of the Overture on the piano on his YouTube channel, which allows you to tinker with the ringtone. The reprise is not limited to the main theme, but allows you to free the consciousness overloaded with these few notes, imagining a rather pleasant continuation. Thank you, Toni Ann, for this more than welcome aural release!

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