Residents and professionals are calling for solidarity from the operators

Residents and professionals are calling for solidarity from the operators

On social networks, the indignation is in full swing! “At a time when the Kingdom is suffering the ravages of one of the worst disasters in history, some operators are still not part of the wave of solidarity that the country is experiencing.”
It is by using the same words that Internet users and transport professionals point out the prices at the pump that continue to be close to the height, despite the current context, characterized by the massive influx of road transporters and others to the disaster areas. to provide assistance to the victims.

In its statement, the National Union of Road Transport Professionals said that “oil companies have not bothered to reduce fuel prices under the current circumstances, to contribute to the delivery of aid to the affected areas of the earthquake in Al-Haouz.

Diesel and unleaded fuel prices exceed 14 and 15 dirhams respectively, making travel costs high. “The problem is not in the journey to Marrakech, where traffic is normal, but rather in the paths to the affected villages.
We have to drive slowly and carefully, which doubles the consumption of our vehicles, explains a professional, who since last Saturday has made three round trips from Rabat to the Al-Haouz regions. At the moment, oil operators, who are currently under the scrutiny of the Competition Council after the successive increases in August, have not yet issued an official statement on the special measures concerning the Al earthquake.-Haouz.

ADM mobilizes

Furthermore, Internet users also criticized the National Highway Company of Morocco (ADM), arguing that it should open the barriers for trucks dedicated to help. But the fact remains that it has mobilized in its own way by announcing that toll revenue, during this period, will be paid to the Special Fund to deal with the effects of the earthquake.
ADM also clarified that this initiative is distinct from its own contribution to the National Fund. It is part of the spirit of solidarity advocated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI and which mobilizes the nation to support the victims of this tragedy.

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