Autonomy: as close as possible to the needs of the most vulnerable populations

Autonomy: as close as possible to the needs of the most vulnerable populations

The Department of Autonomy of the Department of Yvelines has published its activity report for 2022. It presents the institution’s commitment to older people and residents of Yvelines with disabilities, as well as the main innovative projects that need to be launched, strengthened or improved.

The department has allocated 302 million euros. in 2022 to autonomy and counting 117,000 pensioners or disabled people, i.e. 8% of Yvelin’s population.
To implement its autonomy policy, innovate and respond to the needs expressed by the residents of Yvelin, the Department relies on two important levers: the departmental agency AutonomY, dedicated to home support and “We need an observatory” which collects and responds to the needs of social and medical social services (ESMS) in terms of services, specialized offers and places.

Next September 19Elected officials and leaders of the Yvelines autonomy will present their flagship projects and main issues during the territorial autonomy meetings organized by the CNSA (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy).

The purpose of these meetings is to share between the participants jointly involved in the management and implementation of autonomy policies, problems and best practices for improving the quality and organization of service offerings for older people, people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Read: annual report 2022.

The Yvelines Autonomy Policy Report 2022 presents key figures, graphs and a detailed presentation of the assessment and outlook, highlighting flagship projects and important project partners: Support for life path and professional sectorssupporting people with disabilities throughout life, improving educational integration and professional integration, adapting and promoting mobility, adapting services to user needs, etc.

Download on the department website: Solidarity – Yvelines Department Council

Strengthening housing supply

Growing old at home in good conditions, in a safe environment is the desire of most French people and Ivelinois. Therefore, the Department is implementing numerous solutions to meet this demand through the Habiter Facile project to support housing adaptation.

For those who cannot – or do not want – to stay at home, the department voted to create 454 places over five years. AND creating 25 inclusive living environments by 2025, funded through co-living.

Autonomy also rhymes with innovation

In September 2024, the first inclusive village dedicated to people with cognitive impairment will open in Montigny-le-Bretonneux. The future center of the Anne de Gaulle Foundation, called AgorHa, will combine the two centers currently located in Milon-la-Chapelle and Versailles. A medical and social institution will appear in the village. 100 placements and one of the very first “medical and social laboratory of life” France, dedicated to mental retardation. The AgorHa project is supported by the Department of Yvelines, which finances most of it.

Following the health crisis, the Department and Agency of Autonomy mobilized the efforts of nursing homes by launching Project “Inno ESMS” which has since been awarded. The goal of the project is to maintain social connections and cognitive stimulation for residents of partner institutions by offering teleconsultation tools.

MDPH in one click

The Department of Yvelines and the Departmental Home for the Disabled, together with the CNSA, launched the MDPH online service. This allows people with disabilities to perform procedures right from home.
This new service allows you to seek help in your daily, professional, social, student or even academic life.
He :
• More accessible: Available 24/7 from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
• Easier: Offers the ability to submit all supporting documents online.
• Faster: Processing time is reduced with teleservice.
• More secure: You can make a request from your personal space at any time.
Visit the MDPH78 website for all information, procedures and documents to complete…

YES+, intergenerational communication service is available all year round

The Yvelines department and the AutonomY agency are making it easier for older people and students to access the YES+ system by creating a single registration platform:
Established in 2020, YES+ (Yvelines Etudiants Seniors+) aims to combat isolation among older people and offers students paid and supportive employment.
Thanks to visits and/or friendly calls from students, older adults benefit from the real social interaction essential to their well-being. The YES+ program, free for seniors, now runs year-round..
For more information, visit

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