China proposes plan to reform global governance

China proposes plan to reform global governance

On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented a plan proposing a reform of global governance, the goal of which, according to the ministry, is to strengthen multilateralism.

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Over the past decade, the “concept of a community with a shared future for mankind” has moved from idea to action and from vision to reality, the ministry said, adding that China calls on the international community to act within the framework of true multilateralism with the United Nations (UN) at its center. . The plan aims to strengthen the central role of the UN in international affairs in order to further develop and improve the global governance system, the plan states. Detailing the plan during a press briefing, Mao Ning, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, noted that the international community expects the UN to play a more active role in international affairs. China’s proposal comprehensively elaborates China’s position on key areas of global governance such as peace, security, development, human rights and institutional reforms, she said. On the economic front, China emphasizes that it will continue its efforts to consolidate and expand the international consensus on development issues. In this context, the Chinese plan calls on developed countries to respect their obligations, especially in the field of development aid and the fight against the impact of climate change. The plan also highlights China’s desire to support efforts to make economic globalization more open, inclusive and balanced. Emphasis, in this context, was placed on the need to strengthen international cooperation in order to consolidate development achievements in a fairer way.

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