I see an opportunity for him.

I see an opportunity for him.

Khairat Lano (photo) drivera Easy Top (718) In the Abu Volo priceThursday at Rowan Mukinshi (R-2). Tell us about it (Written by Stefan Davey)

“The horse won well, last time at La Capelle. It doesn’t surprise me because it’s a quality trotter. That day, he started in the front row behind Automatic. I went in front. The horse is effective that way and he won well.” He has maintained a good level. However, on Thursday, he will have to go the distance. In addition, it remains sensitive at the start, and in the pre-race phase. He’s not out of trouble, but “I’m less confident than last time. Regarding his shoes, he’s got bad feet and needs to rest, even if they’ve been loosened gradually over the course of his outings. It’s progressing now with rust.”

He adds: “It also offers family stables Fingalo (105) at the beginning of the meeting. The horse is good. It has the advantage of starting from the front of the line behind automatic operation. He has already won in the amateurs. Moreover, his last victories in this category were achieved this winter in Croisie-La Roche, and during the spring in La Capelle. Commitment is interesting. It is better to be tight on the left rather than the right. He knows how to start fast. 2100 meters is its own thing. I see an opportunity for him. Note that it has the origins of success in the fixed trot, because it comes from crossbreeding Singalo And JasudaWhich led to the arrival of Cornolier, but in my opinion he is not the “real workhorse” of this discipline. To note that Jasuda He died three months ago.”

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