Launch of the autumn Covid vaccination campaign in the Brussels region

Launch of the autumn Covid vaccination campaign in the Brussels region

The Brussels region will begin its autumn Covid vaccination campaign on Friday, the Joint Community Commission (Cocom) said in a press release on Thursday. A booster dose is recommended for risk groups (vulnerable people, their cohabitants and medical personnel). In total, 320,000 people were affected in Brussels.

“The situation is under control, but given the emergence of new vaccine variants in Europe since last summer, we cannot rule out new waves of infection. By facilitating access to the vaccine for the population of Brussels and giving priority to risk groups, the goal is to better protect the population,” justified the institution of the two communities of Brussels.

The Brussels region relied on recommendations from the Supreme Health Council (SHC) to develop its vaccination strategy. To implement it, it relies on the “first line of help” (doctors, pharmacists, nurses).

Authorities no longer systematically offer vaccinations to people outside the three risk groups. However, anyone who wants to protect themselves from Covid can get vaccinated for free from their pharmacist this fall without an invitation, Kocom emphasizes.

“Even if the possibility of a combined Covid-19/flu vaccination is possible, we recommend, especially for vulnerable sections of the population, not to wait for the availability of the flu vaccine, scheduled for the end of October, but to take advantage of the protection of vaccination. without delay Covid-19, for which the beginning of a new wave appears,” commented Brussels Health Minister Alain Maron, quoted in the press release.

In most cases, flu and Covid are mild illnesses. But for people at risk, complications associated with these respiratory diseases can pose a real danger. Vaccination remains the best way to prevent this, Kokom said.

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