The head of the UN calls for global mobilization for peace

The head of the UN calls for global mobilization for peace

The head of the UN calls for global mobilization for peace

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on Wednesday, September 13, for the international community to come together to intensify efforts for peace.

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at a meeting in New York.

Peace is a task that falls to each of us. But as we gather today, peace is under attack in communities, countries and regionsGuterres said during the traditional UN peace bell ceremony.

This ceremony is part of the commemoration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, which takes place on September 21.

For people and the planet, we can – and must – work for peace” said Mr. Guterres.

Working for peace means focusing on prevention, dialogue and mediation to heal divisions, defuse conflicts and ensure that every community has an interest in a shared future, he said.

It also means rallying behind tools that support global trust and solidarity, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter, he added.

Expanding opportunities for women and girls is one of the key missions of maintaining peace and stability in the world.

Mr. Guterres emphasized the need to preserve the Sustainable Development Goals and expand opportunities for women and girls.

The head of the UN called for the fight against discrimination and racism, for speeding up the fight against climate change and for facts and science to prevail over lies and hatred.

Now more than ever, we need global solidarity, collective action, commitment and mutual trust” said Mr. Guterres.

Let us all commit to participating in this momentum towards peace“, he insisted.


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