Alain Chabat joins the second season of Jean-Pascal Zadie’s En Place

Alain Chabat joins the second season of Jean-Pascal Zadie’s En Place

Alain Chabat is joining the cast of the next season of Jean-Pascal’s series Zadie, which has just begun filming.

Alain Chabat continues to explore the world of soap operas. While he is preparing a miniseries for Netflix based onAsterixthe actor just joined the cast of another production on the streaming platform: To his place By Jean-Pascal Zadi.

“We are very happy that today we started filming the second season of the seriesTo his placeWith an exclusive and very special guest: Alain Chabat. “We are very proud,” said Inga Magou, a member of the Netflix France creative team, on Thursday during the 25th edition of the La Rochelle Fantasy Festival.

In line with Servant of the people From Zelensky, To his place A teacher from Bobigny (Zadi) gets immersed in the presidential campaign. He plays an outspoken role in a world that has no rules, and is accompanied by a superior person without faith or law.

There is no release date for season 2

We still do not know what role Alain Chabat will play in this political comedy that ended with the somewhat coincidental accession of the educator played by Zadi to the presidency.

Available since January on Netflix, To his place I had some success. The platform did not announce the broadcast date of the second season.

Created by Jean-Pascal Zadi and François Ozanne (Family business), To his place Eric Godor collects, Benoit BuilfordFadele Camara, Marina Voice, Vari and Panayotis Baskot. Zadi became known to the general public with Simply blacka comedy denouncing clichés about black people, which earned him a César Award.

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