Weather for the coming weekend: clear and fresh for the beginning of autumn
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Weather for the coming weekend: clear and fresh for the beginning of autumn

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TO Regis CREPET, meteorologist

The weather will change with the transition to calendar autumn. The equinox takes place this Saturday, September 23rd. Temperatures will drop significantly, but clearing of the area may be necessary over the weekend.

L’autumn equinox 2023 will take place on Saturday 23 September this year. The air temperature will drop significantly and will even be slightly below normal. On the other hand, if you wait for the spring tides, they will be delayed by a week compared to the equinox, and this will be at the end of the month. Finally, you’ll likely enjoy some beautiful periods of sunshine.

Saturday still partly unsettled and cool

Instability could still affect the country’s eastern flank and our mountains on Saturday following the unrest on Friday. Evacuations may eventually be quicker, but until the situation becomes secure, plan for showers in the east, cool temperatures in the mountains and a few snowflakes from 1800m. Winds will blow from the southeast and clear skies. Finally, in the west, with light winds and good health, clearings could become necessary.

Temperatures are unlikely to be seasonal, with afternoon highs of 17 to 19°C in the northern half and 18 to 24°C in the south.

Sunday: a beautiful day ahead?

The anticyclone will begin to grow over France again and should then characterize the end of September. However, this could mean weakness in the northwest with scattered showers in Brittany, the Loire and lower Normandy, but the development of this disturbance may be slowed.

Any other place may be sunny. The morning will then be cool, with rural temperatures dropping to 4-5°C, with some patches of fog. Smells like autumn. But during the day, with a light wind and good sunshine, it should be very warm, around 20–23°C. Please note that the mistral should remain in the southeast.

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