Why environmentalists don’t want a new Starbucks in Angers

Why environmentalists don’t want a new Starbucks in Angers

We got some Marc! , In Angers, Starbeurk grows faster than trees. The Youth For Climate Angers collective, a local version of the movement initiated by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, launched its return to school at the Jardin du Mail on Saturday, September 16. Other organizations such as RAARE, the Angevin Uprisings, the New Anticapitalist Party and Climate Justice Angers responded to the call to demonstrate against a new Starbucks in the city.

For these activists, the upcoming opening of a chain café in the Atoll shopping center in Beaucouzé is a fact an ecocidal decision and the illustration of climate inaction by governments and the monopolization of public space by polluting multinationals . Why didn’t they organize their action directly on the atoll? We wanted to mobilize as much as possible and we wanted to have a peaceful meeting, not to scare the public says Gaël, 25 years old, theater student.

“Their information is not updated at all”

But what exactly are they blaming him for? We find it incomprehensible that they are opening a fifth Starbucks. It is too much! Gael criticizes. I’m a bit tired of those bad coffee shops… that are extremely expensive while there are plenty of local coffee shops , Anthony says into the microphone in front of 70 people. In the crosshairs of opponents: Starbucks’ tax and payroll practices, the approach to them not ethical his drinks ultra sweet And his 4 billion non-recyclable cups .

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A figure from a documentary that was broadcast on Arte in 2018 and that revealed the dark side of the coffee giant. Their information is not updated at allcomplains an internal source who wishes to remain anonymous. We’ve eliminated plastic straws and serve primarily with porcelain cups. For takeaway orders, the brand launched a waste reduction program last year, including the gradual introduction of reusable cups and the option for customers of certain cafes to bring their own cup.

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