Withdrawal from CAN 2025 after the earthquake?  Decision made in Morocco!

Withdrawal from CAN 2025 after the earthquake? Decision made in Morocco!

Algeria football – After the terrible earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, killing more than 2,900 people, speculation about Morocco’s withdrawal from hosting the African Cup of Nations (CAN) in 2025 began to circulate.

But Moncef El Yazghi, a specialist in sports politics, quickly dispelled these rumors by stressing that they only represented personal opinions shared on social media platforms. He emphasized that the authorities have not issued any official statement on the matter. This decision, he clarified, falls under the Moroccan government and goes beyond the scope of the Moroccan Football Union.

In an interview with Al Araby media, El Yazghi explained: “I think these rumors are the result of information leaks here and there, as well as misinterpretations. Some people have made a connection with the earthquake in the High Atlas region, although I find this unlikely, since the organization of CAN and the construction of the stadiums have their own budgets. We cannot shuffle the cards and think that this disaster can affect the organization of the African tournament, which is scheduled in one year and four months. “

He concluded by saying that Moroccans want to organize the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) in 2025 to mark the end of the tragedy through a remarkable organization dedicated to the martyrs of Morocco who lost their lives in the earthquake.

As a reminder, Morocco is competing with neighboring Algeria for the right to host CAN 2025.

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