Action against dengue: Company offers mosquito traps to sickle cell patients

Action against dengue: Company offers mosquito traps to sickle cell patients

The progression of dengue fever in Guadeloupe is alarming. Of even greater concern are patients with sickle cell disease and those who accompany them. The Guadeloupe Espoir Sickle Cell Association echoed this sentiment. And this Monday she received unexpected help from the Antilles Mustiques company, which made a very worthy donation to the association: mosquito traps.

The fight against mosquitoes has taken a new turn following the death a few weeks ago of a young 23-year-old patient with sickle cell disease.

Since this death lThe Guadeloupe-Espoir Sickle Cell Association has decided to redouble its efforts to alert everyone to the measures that need to be taken to eliminate larval breeding sites, as well as to increase the number of blood donors that are so needed to help sickle cell patients.

And this call of Marie-France Tirolien was not in vain. And since everyone gives according to their ability, the company specializing in mosquito control did not hesitate to contact the Sickle Cell Association of Guadeloupe Espoir to make a very special donation: mosquito traps.


However, the fight continues, and the numbers remind us: 820 cases clinically indicating dengue fever have been reported in the archipelago. They caused at least 75 emergency room visits and 12 hospitalizations. 9 patients had to be treated in intensive care. Three people infected with dengue fever have died.

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