Exclusive.  A very high bill for the accommodation of Chengriha’s daughter in a luxury hotel in New York caused a scandal in Algeria

Exclusive. A very high bill for the accommodation of Chengriha’s daughter in a luxury hotel in New York caused a scandal in Algeria

For more than two months, the stay of the daughter of Said Chengriha, the powerful head of the Algerian army, in New York caused enormous controversy in various Algerian salons. Officially, the daughter of the Chief of General Staff of the Algerian Army, was transferred from Geneva to New York to take up a position within the Permanent Mission of Algeria to the UN.

After a controversial experience at the Algerian Consulate General in Geneva, Saida Chengrihe’s daughter benefited from an unprecedented promotion in the Algerian diplomatic circuit by finding herself in New York within the UN’s most prestigious institutions, including the waterfront administrative complex East River in Manhattan District. But it was not only the appointment of Chengriha’s daughter that scandalized the most knowledgeable experts on the Algerian regime.

Currently, three of Chengriha’s children work or live abroad and this golden exile has become a cruel banality. A son in Paris at the Algerian Embassy, ​​a daughter in charge of the strategic branch of Sonatrach in London and another daughter in New York as a diplomat. Said Chengrich’s children effectively lead the lives of princes in the West, while their father regularly extols the virtues of a strengthened and firm alliance with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

True, the living and accommodation conditions of Chengrikha’s second daughter in New York cause a real scandal. The little ward of the Chief of the General Staff of the Algerian Army is cared for, and all costs are paid by the Algerian state, in a luxury hotel in New York while she waits for Algerian diplomacy to find her official accommodation in a peaceful and orderly neighborhood of New York.

According to Maghreb intelligence sources, Chengriha’s daughter is currently being cared for at the famous Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York, where the price of a room can reach up to 800 or even 900 US dollars per night. The daughter of a powerful Algerian general has been staying in this hotel for almost two months, our sources testify, which caused a very high bill and astonishing expenses that many players from the innermost Algerian circle describe as “scandalous” and “insolent”.

In the face of these criticisms which are now openly heard in the corridors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Algeria, instructions have been conveyed to quickly find an acceptable and speedy solution for the accommodation of Saida Chengriha’s daughter. The head of the Algerian army is also in a hurry to put an end to these criticisms concerning the living conditions of his daughter in New York because the controversies surrounding his children and family are beginning to disturb him very seriously, discrediting the values ​​of honesty that he claims to defend publicly in the military institution.

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