A hat from Michael Jackson’s first “moonwalk” is at auction in Paris

A hat from Michael Jackson’s first “moonwalk” is at auction in Paris

The headdress worn by Michael Jackson during his first moonwalk is up for auction at Droot on September 26. A story dating back to the eighties.

Michael Jackson’s performance on March 25, 1983 is considered one of the most memorable moments of his career, and the hat he wore has become an important part of music history. During his televised appearance in front of millions of viewers, he delivered a fiery version of his hit song “Billie Jean” and performed his famous moonwalk for the first time live on stage.

On that day, before performing his first walk on the moon, Michael Jackson threw his hat to the side of the stage: this headdress was sold after 40 years.

The price of this hat, a fedora, is estimated at between 60,000 and 100,000 euros, and will serve as an attraction for the sale of about 200 rock pieces at the Drouot Hotel on September 26. The event is organized by the Artpèges gallery and the Lemon Auction auction house.

“It was Adam Kelly – whose badge we got for the show on March 25, 1983 – who collected this hat that day, thinking the singer’s crew would come and take it, but no.”“, explains Arthur Perrault, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Artpèges.

“Adam Kelly kept it for several years before passing it on to an American collector. This hat then resurfaced in a European collection and is now in our hands.”He continued. It is the first fedora worn by the King of Pop (1958-2009) during a performance“, confirms Arthur Perrault.

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