At Bassac Abbey: a retreat from burnout

At Bassac Abbey: a retreat from burnout

Bassac specializes

Following in the footsteps of the creation of the Lo and Garonne charity at the Foyer Abbey, this former head of personnel in the associative world intends to unite “ twelve clients » Charente in the Benedictine enclosure. People close to burnout or on the verge of returning to whom this human relations specialist, still working, promises to meet.” interfaith. »

I haven’t seen any other offers for places in Charente, – says the therapist, who has been working on Rue Angel-Albert in Angoulême for a year now. I chose the abbey because it is a place of healing. Essentially, this is a place of peace, solitude, where you can return to yourself. “, she assures.

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According to the Institute for Health Monitoring, 480,000 people in France experience psychological stress at work, and burnout affects 7%, or 30,000 people in the country.

We don’t have to do everything we’re asked.

In Bassac, the keys will be delivered to identify its manifestation, regardless of whether the source of fatigue is at work or in personal life. ” There is chronic stress, a pronounced state of fatigue, and people who do not recognize themselves. In general, these are enterprising people who will find it difficult to accept a drop in speed. And when we don’t listen, the body speaks. » « But real burnout starts with the doctor! »

To combat this syndrome, which manifests itself in all environments, it is necessary to “ make sense “, “ oxygenate ” AND ” question your deepest values “says Caroline Savarik. ” It also means understanding that we are not obligated to do everything that is asked of us. »

Gestalt therapy, classified as alternative medicine, was created in the 1950s. Inspired by the foundations of psychoanalysis, from which she stands out, she “ understands a person as a process “, points out Caroline Savarik.

This approach has been discussed in the past in the French parliament and may have contributed to caution since the Interministerial Mission for Vigilance and Combating Religious Abuses (MIVILUDES) added it to its list of risky therapeutic methods.

On his website, the therapist guarantees oversight of his practice. ” Once a month with my coach at IFAS (Paris Humanistic Gestalt School) “,” she clarifies.

* Practical. Saturday, September 23, 9-17.00. Price per day: 50 euros. Contact us by phone or on the Caroline Savarik website.

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