Champions League.  How much will the 2023-2024 winner and participating clubs earn?

Champions League. How much will the 2023-2024 winner and participating clubs earn?

With the play-offs completed on 30 August, we know the 32 teams that will compete for the prestigious Big Ears Cup. The Champions League starts again for a new season, this Tuesday 19 September, the last edition before the format change next year.

As every season, the teams involved will try to go as far as possible in the competition, synonymous with sporting success and high financial reward. Like last season when Manchester City won, more than two billion euros will be distributed over the entire competition (2.002 billion euros).

A maximum of 85.14 million euros can be won

The 32 teams present in the groups, such as RC Lens or Young Boys of Bern, are already guaranteed to collect a check of 15.64 million euros, just for reaching this stage of the competition (i.e. a total of 500.48 million euros). sharing). Thereafter, bonuses will be awarded based on performance. Thus, each group win will bring €2.8 million to the winner, while a draw will see both teams pick up €930,000.

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The clubs qualified for the final phase of the Champions League, i.e. the 16this the final, will receive the sum of 9.6 million euros. The rewards are then progressive until the final: 10.6 million to qualify for the quarters, 12.5 million for a semi-final and 15.5 million for the final. The winner of the competition will receive an additional check of 4.5 million euros.

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In total, a team can obtain a maximum of €85.14 million if they win the competition by winning all their group matches.

Note that a sum of €600.6 million will be divided between the 32 teams according to a UEFA coefficient calculated over a period of 10 years. Thus team 32e of this ranking will receive a share (€1.137 million) and each team will receive an additional share for each higher position. The first in this ranking will therefore receive 32 shares (€36.384 million).

Finally, a sum of 300.3 million euros will be distributed based on TV rights.

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Amount paid during the competition

Winner: €20 million (15.5 + 4.5).

Finalist: €15.5 million

Semi-finalist: €12.5 million

Quarter-finalist: €10.6 million

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Sixteenth finalist: €9.6 million

Group win: €2.8 million

Group drawn: €930,000

Qualification for the group stage: €15.64 million

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