Five new university positions at the University Hospital of Reunion

Five new university positions at the University Hospital of Reunion

Press release:

The General Management of the University Hospital of Reunion, the Presidency of the CME and the UFR Santé of the University of Reunion welcome the appointments of Dr. Cyril FERDINUS, Dr. Antoine BERTOLOTTI and the arrival of Professor Kevin BUFFENOIRE as professors of the university. -Practicing Hospital Physicians (PU-PH), Dr. Phuong Lien TRAN and Dr. Yael LEVI as a practicing lecturer (MCU-PH).

Dr. Cyril FERDINUS, engineer of the methodological care department of the University Hospital of Reunion, appointed university professor and practicing physician

After 11 years of working in the team of the Center for Population Epidemiology of the University Hospital of Dijon and obtaining a doctorate in public health.
Having received support in 2011, Dr. FERDINUS joined the University Hospital of Reunion in September 2011 to actively participate in the creation of the Methodological Support Unit (USM) of the institution. The creation of this unit turned out to be necessary to satisfy the research ambitions of the university hospital with complete structuring.

Since then, he has worked there as a methodologist/biostatistician: his mission is to provide methodological and statistical support to clinicians and researchers in the development of clinical and epidemiological research projects initiated by the University Hospital. Dr. FERDINUS also teaches university courses in public health, which have been growing for several years, on a variety of topics such as biostatistics, epidemiology and artificial intelligence applied to healthcare.

Holder of direct research (HDR) accreditation, since November 2022 he has been conducting parallel research work in the field of artificial intelligence in relation to healthcare. Various research projects are currently underway in various areas such as critical care, infectious disease surveillance and metabolic diseases. Some of this work led to the filing of a European patent. He carries out this research activity with great pride through my collaboration with the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) INSERM 1410 as part of a rapidly growing artificial intelligence team that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative ideas.

Current teaching hospitalist and head of the Department of Adult Dermatology at CHU Sud Réunion, Dr. Antoine BERTOLOTTI has been appointed university professor-practitioner.

After spending his childhood on the island, Professor Antoine BERTOLOTTI completed his medical studies in Bordeaux. During his student career, he had the opportunity to work in Norway, India, Guyana and even Martinique. He returned to Reunion Island in 2016 and opened the Department of Adult Dermatology at the Saint-Pierre University Hospital as part of the Department of Infectious Medicines.

Since then, he has worked in this department, which deals with the inpatient treatment of dermatological diseases, such as inflammatory (psoriasis, eczema, lichen, vitiligo, etc.), cancer (carcinoma, melanoma, lymphoma, etc.), infectious. (bacteria, mycoses, viruses, parasites, including sexually transmitted infections) or even vascular. In parallel with his activities in the field of health, Professor BERTOLOTTI develops research activities in the field of epidemiology at the Clinical Research Center, unit INSERM 1410. He was first appointed clinical director in 2017 and then university lecturer in 2019.

Thanks to his research thesis, authorization to direct research and lead various groups, in recent years he has been involved in the publication of almost a hundred scientific articles on sexual health (especially on HPV), on sunburn prevention and even on dengue fever. (creating a cohort of more than 450 patients). In recent years, he has taken on the responsibility of coordinator of the Diploma of Specialized Training in Dermatology, which now allows him to train trainees in this specialty in Reunion with the help of his colleagues from CHU Nord, Sud and CHOR. He also coordinates the teaching of health simulation for 2nd and 3rd year medical students and most recently took over the coordination of the teaching of dermatology in the 2nd cycle of medical studies following the Bordeaux teams.

He also maintains significant association activities at the national level within the Dermatological Infectology and STIs Group of the French Society of Dermatology, as well as in the Center for Evidence-Based Dermatology with the development of national guidelines. Locally, he is involved in the Mission Soleil Réunion (MISOLRE) association, which aims to promote sun protection on our island, given the strong impact of ultraviolet rays on our skin.

Dr BERTOLOTTI has just returned from a year in Australia, spent at the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where he was able to deepen his knowledge of epidemiology and public health, as well as develop new future projects for our island.

Professor Kevin BUFFENOIRE, university professor and practicing physician at the University Hospital of Nantes, joins the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Sud-Réunion.

Professor BUFFENOIR began his training in Lille for the first two medical cycles and then completed his fellowship in neurosurgery at the University Hospital of Poitiers. After 2 years of clinical work and 6 years of working as a practicing university hospitalist, in 2015 he was appointed university professor of neurosurgery at the University Hospital of Nantes. His research topics concern disability and spasticity. He completed a DEA in Surgical Sciences on these two topics in 2003 at CHU Henri Mondor, a PhD in 2007 and a scientific thesis (Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Biomaterials) at the Compiegne University of Technology in 2011 (CNRS). 7338).

He received approval to direct research in 2014: his clinical research topics include spine surgery and pain. He is currently the coordinator of 2 trial protocols: one at the national level (STIMCONE: Study of the Effect of Conus Terminal Stimulation on Refractory Genital Pain) and the second at the interregional level (DS3CS: Study of Surgical Delay in the Treatment of Schneiderian Syndrome).

At the same time, Professor BUFFENOIR received several diplomas on these topics: graduate school in myology, graduate school in microsurgical techniques, graduate school in spinal pathologies, graduate school in spinal surgery, graduate school in medical education. His surgical activities cover all general neurosurgical pathology, in particular spine and spinal cord surgery, pain and disability surgery in adults and children. It is these latter topics that will be developed at the University Hospital of Reunion, where its activities will be divided between the University Hospital and the university (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle teaching).

Dr. Phuong Lien TRAN, Head of Clinic and then Contract Practitioner at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at CHU Sud, has been appointed Lecturer-Physician.

Appointed as a University Lecturer – Hospital Practitioner in Obstetrics and Gynecology on September 1, 2023, Dr. TRAN completed her internship in the Indian Ocean, then her clinic at the University Hospital Saint-Pierre, in the department of Professor Boucerrou, where she currently holds the position of Hospital Practitioner in contract.

Clinically, Dr. TRAN specializes in gynecologic surgery (especially gynecologic cancers) and robotic surgery, while maintaining an obstetrics rotation. In terms of teaching, she will be responsible for the teaching of gynecology in the 2nd cycle of medical studies at the University of Reunion, and will also provide teaching in the school of midwifery and the school of nursing in the operating room with a state diploma (IBODE). As for scientific research, after defending her dissertation on vaccination against the papilloma virus, she continues her research work on cervical cancer.

Dr. TRAN is also involved in local association activities and works with various associations along with the Gynecology Department team to promote women’s health.

Assistant at the University Teaching Hospital of the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at CHU Armand Trousseau in Paris, Dr. Yael LEVY has been appointed as a Teaching Practitioner at CHU Félix Guyon.

Dr. Yael LEVY was born in Marseille, where she also studied medicine. She then decided to complete a pediatric internship at a university hospital. from Reunion Island, attracted by the reputation of the institution and already in 2013 by a project for the treatment of congenital heart defects on the island. Dr. LEVY then spent several years in pediatric cardiac intensive care at the University Hospital of Bordeaux and then in the multipurpose adult intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Reunion, before joining the Paris-Trousseau department as director of the clinic, a national referral center for neonatal and pediatric cardiac and respiratory diseases. help. .

During these four years in Paris, she carried out various clinical studies on neonatal and pediatric hemodynamics and also completed her PhD on hemodynamics, especially cerebral hemodynamics during shock and/or cardiac arrest. Active in research, she is also an elected member of national commissions (translational research of the French Intensive Care Society and the scientific commission of the French-language Resuscitation and Pediatric Emergency Group, among others) and leads numerous projects such as: For example, VOSDRADO, a multicenter study on cardiorespiratory assessment after 6 months of severe pulmonary infection in children. A scientist very dedicated to teaching, Dr. LEVY will participate in the creation of the 2nd cycle of medical research in Reunion (in particular ECOS), as well as in the national creation of the long-awaited IUD: “Ultrasound Pediatric Intensive Care”. Resuscitation of children and newborns (EPSIRUN)”.

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