“Hamid Al-Azm” “The Observatory” who appreciates the teacher – Morocco Today

“Hamid Al-Azm” “The Observatory” who appreciates the teacher – Morocco Today

The watch was so inspiring to the young Moroccan director, Saqr El-Zenati, that he turned it into a short film. This new cinematic work, which deals with the value of the teacher in society, is intended for festivals. Here are the outlines.

This topic of “surveillance” is addressed along with that related to education in this short film, which its director calls “Hamid Al-Azm.” A title that explains the personality of the main character in this 23-minute film, who is a director and screenwriter. And that’s not all!

Abdelkader Ayzoun is in the foreground
The young director surrounds himself with a team consisting of an experienced artist, none other than the distinguished actor Abdelkader Azoun, who plays the role of the teacher. Saqr Zanati says: “The credit goes to producer Ruqaya Al-Sharqawi Al-Amri, who devoted her own financial resources to this film, because this actress participated in it,” explaining that filming was done in a fairly professional manner even though the budget allocated for it was small. Not very massive. For the director, who has already participated in productions by famous filmmakers on small and big screens and elsewhere, it was a matter of making Abdel Qader Azoun a “lead” in “Hamed Al-Azm.”

In addition, the screenwriter highlights his script, which he describes as “strong.” “I have been working on the idea of ​​the film for about three years,” says the screenwriter, who intends to release a feature film with a completely different plot on several levels. All while highlighting the comments made by the great actor. He was happy after the shoot. He spent a whole day with us. How is the work estimated? Saqr adds, who does not fail to appreciate his professional experience despite his growing reputation, “especially since he trusted me.”

While waiting for the theatrical performance
He is currently looking for a room to show this production. To this end, he hopes to launch it “at the end of this month.” At the same time, he prefers to talk about the filming that took place “in Sector 3 of La Carria in Salé, which unfortunately was not filmed well.” He continues: “But this happened under good circumstances since we introduced the cinema atmosphere to this place,” pointing to a cinematic “awakening” in one of the working-class neighborhoods. He even remembers that he lived there and knows the reality there. Hence, his work also aims to highlight the positive aspect about this sector.

“During filming, the locals offered us drinks and cakes. We created a nice atmosphere there. “All of this shows in a different way that there are good people in this neighborhood too,” the director adds. As for the choice of the name “Ladim,” it seems a bit funny. He explains: “The main character swallowed a bone during a ceremony, so he called him that because he was an observer.” In this sense he establishes a connection between this fact and the function of the teacher.

“The only support for this persecutor comes from the teacher who repeats an old refrain, but his words are sincere,” adds Saqr, who considers the teacher “a pillar whose value has been lost in society.” The ultimate goal is to “dramatically” deal with the character of the stalker who, even though he is using drugs, becomes very attached to his teacher. “In the end, Hamid loses his mind after the death of his teacher. It also means that the loss of a teacher breeds the loss of a mind,” he explained, particularly highlighting education as the main topic alongside the topic of the day. “It is the message that is still alive,” he concludes, recalling that he also surrounded himself with young actors.

A look back at the director’s career

Introductory account Before designing this short film, the artist performed the works of Hakim Bel Abbas and Hicham El Asry. The Zenati falcon also appeared on television. He also has chops on the boards. Because he just got his artist card. “I have my own professional team, whether in cinema or theater. He reveals that his short film, worth about 25 thousand dirhams, is intended for amateur festivals, even though it is a professional work. In addition to “Hamid Al-Azm,” he has another short film that combines action and comedy. The director also has gifts in “modern chanting.” “My creation has nothing to do with Sufism. I am great because I can deal with social, educational, cultural and even simple topics,” he wants to clarify, reminding that he has many artistic specializations under his belt.

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