iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer in stock, Apple ramps up production to meet demand
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iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer in stock, Apple ramps up production to meet demand

Everything seems to indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is selling like hot cakes. According to the expert, production is lagging behind and waiting times are increasing, but not for long.

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Apple is counting heavily on the success of the iPhone 15 to make up for sluggish sales of the iPhone 14. It must be said that between labor strikes in China, material shortages and a general decline in purchasing power, 2022 was sluggish for the company and for smartphone manufacturers in general. But now in Cupertino, it seems, everything is back to normal.

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According to analysts’ forecasts, iPhone 15s captivated the public, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most successful model. In fact, it’s such a hit that it’s already flown off the shelves. The existing devices have found buyers. While pre-ordering is still possible, you’ll have to wait a long time to get your hands on it. In France, The wait for delivery of the “basic” iPhone 15 Pro is 3 to 4 weeks.and depending on the chosen configuration, sometimes it is necessary to add a month to this period.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is no longer available, delays are getting longer

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, “The biggest supply bottleneck is LG Innotek’s famous iPhone 15 Pro Max periscope camera sensor. The latter offers 5x optical zoom and remains exclusive to Apple’s most powerful smartphone. According to Mr. Ming-Chi, Apple has decided to order the opening of several other lens production lines to meet the demand that should help restock the iPhone 15 Pro Max soon.

As soon as the iPhone 15 was released, media attention was already turning to it. iPhone 16, which will be released only in a year. In 2024, in addition to this periscope lens, Apple smartphones will have WiFi 7 and a better ultra-wide-angle sensor. Moreover, since these new components are more impressive, the iPhone 16 Pro should be even larger than it is now.

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