mobile apps are changing hearing aids

mobile apps are changing hearing aids

The hearing aids available today are fully adaptable to the digital world and offer innovative applications. Love the new Oticon Companion app. It has several options to make it easier to manage your hearing aid: fine-tuning the sound, remaining battery life, online help, sound therapy for tinnitus, etc. Another benefit is connectivity. For example, you can turn your hearing aids into wireless headsets so you can make phone calls, listen to music, or even the sound of television, radio, or even video calls.

How to live well with a hearing aid

The application is capable of collecting multiple data. Especially those related to hearing. For example, hearing aid owners can know very precisely the intensity of use of their equipment and the situations in which they use it. Therefore, this hearing monitoring option allows you to gradually develop confidence in your hearing aids and communicate with your hearing care professional to optimize your experience using it. With the ultimate goal of gaining autonomy!

An application that will help restore your hearing

Oticon Companion now integrates with Oticon Real hearing aids. A generation of equipment based on an innovative technological process – a deep neural network. This network consists of artificial neurons trained on millions of real sound scenes. Thus, the hearing aid analyzes and processes any sound environment, providing contrast and clarity… This equipment is also based on the BrainHearingTM concept (listening with the brain), which improves speech understanding and thereby reduces listening effort. This frees up energy for the brain to focus on other tasks. Over time, users rediscover the pleasure of replacement and living with near-normal hearing.

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