“Tête de paille”, the novel between Australia and Brittany by Caroline Troin, personality of the Douarnnaise Film Festival

“Tête de paille”, the novel between Australia and Brittany by Caroline Troin, personality of the Douarnnaise Film Festival

After “Unexplained Absence”, his collection of short stories on mourning and absence was published in 2015 and reissued in September 2023 by Locus Solus and a landmark book about 40 years of the Douarnnaise Festival “Les Yeux Grand Ouverts” (with Gérard Allé in 2018) Caroline Troyen launches The song “Tête de paille” was released on September 22. Programmer and co-director of the Douarnens Film Festival from 1990 to 2010 tells the story of a young Breton woman of 25 years Camille, nicknamed “Strawhead” by her friends because of her blonde hair, was a member of the festival team that welcomed Indigenous artists and filmmakers in 1991, and fell in love with Danama, an Indigenous didgeridoo player.

“There is always an unattainable part of other people’s culture that we must accept.”

Then, in the following months, the heroine decides to go to meet her prince charming in Australia. An introductory journey from Sydney to Perth, from East to West will take him from images of surfers, big cars, barbecues, eucalyptus trees and kangaroos to discovering… Black Australian bush, acacia, ants and goanna, slum dwellers but also displaced indigenous people, artists and activists for their rights to citizenship and access to lands taken away by British settlers and convicts who inhabited this country for decades. Australia, which launched a policy of forced adoption of Aboriginal children until the 1970s, to educate them and make them white.

In Proud Brittany, author Carolyn Truen makes you listen Youthu Yendi, a 1990s Aboriginal rock band from Darwin, Arnhem Land in northern Australia He recommends the movie “Priscilla, Desert Madman,” which is a cultural shock for these queens who went on a tour in the heart of the Australian desert. Caroline Troin also makes you discover her native Morocco and the childhood flavors of Pastilla Hammam and Douarnens, where she arrived at the end of the 1980s, and Landes de Liscuis in Bon Repos sur Blavet (22), where she took her indigenous friends. A land with something sacred. Caroline continues her work in conveying minority cultures through 800 documentaries available for free on the audiovisual platform BED (Brittany and Diversity).

Carolyn Truen will be at the signing meeting Saturday, September 23 in Douarnnais at the House of Press at 10:30 a.m., October 21 in Chatelaine, October 28 in the Leclerc Cultural Space in Douarnnais, and October 29 at the Carhaix Book Festival.

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