video.  A fashion show at the Neufchâtel-en-Bray nursing home and the election of Miss and Mr

video. A fashion show at the Neufchâtel-en-Bray nursing home and the election of Miss and Mr

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Josiane and Andre are Miss and Master Neuve Castille 2024.
Josiane and André are Miss and Mister Neuf at Castle 2024. ©Le Réveil

Jean-Claude, Monique, Martin, André, Josiane, Micheline… about thirty residents of the nursing home at the Neufchatel-en-Bray hospital (Seine Maritime) They were the stars of the day recently.

On that day, a fashion show was organized inside the organization in partnership with Pays de Bray Secondary School (LPA).

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Everyone was entitled to their moment of glory on the red carpet that had been installed for the occasion in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

It’s been a long time since we organized it. At the initiative of a caregiver, we have updated this offer.

Celine Dartey, Head of Animation Department

So all the elderly people who agreed to the offer were accompanied by the young people of the Libyan People’s Army. The elderly had prepared for this day by choosing their clothes and the music that would be played during their performance.

It ranged from Sheila to Claude François, through Johnny Hallyday, oldies and other songs of the day like Beyoncé’s song.

In front of a jury composed of Olivier, technical director within the organization, Valerie, financial director, and Natasha, teacher at LPA, the retirees gave their best.

“It was very difficult to choose between you,” the trio announced at the end of the show, which also featured a few cast members, drawing laughter from the audience.

He greeted everyone with a big smile.
He greeted everyone with a big smile. ©Le Revell

Miss and Mr. Newf Castel

At the close of the day, La Mise and Monsieur Neuve Castel were elected. It was Josiane and her few dance steps that won the admiration of the judges. On the men’s front, Andre’s movements also had an impact.

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This event has delivered on all its promises and there is no doubt that residents will be motivated once again for the 2024 edition which will certainly see another pair crowned.

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