an invitation to the scientific community

an invitation to the scientific community

But as Csaba Körösi and Johannes Cullmann – Chair of the 77th Session and Scientific Advisor – criticize in an editorial, “data and information are rarely real-time, which means that the support provided by science is often out of date and less relevant… The data often reflect one-off assessments , rather than continuous monitoring and analysis of trends over time.”

Meetings, councils and committees

In addition to the general assembly, a “scientific summit” is also held in September, of which this is the 9th edition.

We also mention three parallel initiatives, including the Scientific Advisory Council for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which was created this summer. Quebecer Yoshua Bengio, a specialist in artificial intelligence, is one of them.

But for real transformation, write the two authors – and for countries to give themselves the necessary tools – we will have to go further, because achieving the 2030 goals does not bode well for now.

“At the heart of discussions at the General Assemblies for years to come: how nations can ensure access to food and water for all, increase carbon sequestration in ecosystems” or even “restore and protect the water cycle to improve human and ecosystem health, mitigate and adapt to climate change” , and make our economies more resistant to shocks.

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