Electric batteries: a deal worth 20 billion dirhams between Al Mada and CNGR

Electric batteries: a deal worth 20 billion dirhams between Al Mada and CNGR

Morocco continues to advance its pawns in the electric battery industry to adapt to the growth of the electric car industry seen around the world. Al Mada and China’s CNGR have formalized their partnership to establish an integrated center for new energy battery materials, at an investment of 20 billion dirhams.

Faced with the growth of the electric car industry, Morocco is adopting key strategies to become a major player in this sector. A collaboration between the Chinese group CNGR Advanced Material Company, specialist in battery components for electric vehicles, and the investment fund Al Mada, aims to establish a huge industrial complex in Morocco.

This project represents a colossal investment of 20 billion dirhams. Indeed, CNGR and Al Mada decided to work together to establish an integrated center for new energy battery materials. This gigantic factory, which will see the light of day in Jorf Lasfar, will be committed to producing zero waste, a low carbon footprint and recyclable battery materials, which will represent a giant step towards a more sustainable energy future. The strategic location of this industrial complex in Jorf Lasfar, near El Jadida, close to the facilities of OCP Group, gives it a great advantage in terms of accessibility thanks to the port and transport infrastructure already in place.

Project details
According to the two groups, construction work on this industrial unit will begin this year and the first battery components will come off the production lines from 2025. This strategic collaboration between CNGR and Al Mada focuses on the production of nickel, phosphate and recycled materials for batteries, with a clear commitment to sustainability. The first phase of this joint venture provides for the establishment of production units for precursors of active materials NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) with a capacity of 120 kilotons per year, as well as production units for LFP (lithium-iron phosphate) with a capacity of 60 kilotons per year.

In addition, recycling units for materials in batteries, with a capacity of 30 kilotons per year, are also on the program. The goal of this ambitious project is to produce the equivalent of 70 gigawatt hours of battery materials per year. will make it possible to equip more than one million electric vehicles annually. Most of this production will be for export to meet strong demand in the European and American markets. The supply of phosphate products, an important part of battery production, is also under discussion with the OCP group.

This collaboration will create a strong and sustainable supply chain for the production of new energy batteries. In addition to producing advanced battery materials, the collaboration between CNGR and Al Mada also places sustainability at its core. Both groups are committed to ensuring responsible and sustainable production by prioritizing green energy, local integration and knowledge transfer. The construction of this industrial unit will start after obtaining the necessary administrative permits.

The Armed Forces of Morocco
All ingredients come together to guarantee the success of this project. Morocco has firmly positioned itself as a favored destination for the establishment of large-scale battery factories for electric vehicles. Various factors contribute to making the Kingdom an attractive place for investors who want to participate in the transition to clean and sustainable mobility. Firstly, the country has a strong industrial base in the automotive and renewable energy sectors. The necessary technical skills and expertise are available locally, facilitating the establishment of efficient manufacturing units. In addition, Morocco enjoys privileged access to essential raw materials for battery production. This includes cobalt, but also phosphate, crucial components for battery production, further strengthening the country’s attractiveness for investors.

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